NAME:                               ALANOUD SULIMAN AL-RAJEH

MARITAL STATUS:               Married

DATE OF BIRTH:                 20 October 1974

NATIONALITY:                   SAUDI


                                         RIYADH    11695

                                         SAUDI  ARABIA

                                         E-Mail: alanoudSR@hotmail.com 



                                                  *  BSc. Radiological Sciences, King Saud

                                                      University, Riyadh, KSA. (1998),

                                                      G.P.A. 4.53

                                                  * High School Certificate in Sciences, Riyadh

                                                      KSA. (1992).


WORKING EXPERIENCE:                


(03-2000 to date):                   Demonstrator at Radiological Sciences Department

                                                 College of Applied Medical Sciences, K.S.U., Riyadh.


           * Teaching undergraduate students and Diploma

  students the advance Radiographic techniques.

                                               * Teaching the principles and practice of Ultrasound

                                                  And patient care.

                                               *Teaching Image recording techniques and

                                                  Radiographic Anatomy.

                                               *Member of examination committee.

                                               * Participate in the academic activities within the


                                               * Member of Internship committee.

                                               *Involved in the selection of the new students.

                                               *Doing clinical cases accrued by department in

                                                 Radiography &Ultrasound.

                                               *Shoulder responsibility of administrative work relating

                                                 to female students in academic and extra curricular

                                                 activities .

                                               *Computer literate and use the computer for every

                                                 day work.


(12-1998 to 03-2000):             Radiotechnologist at Radiological Sciences

                                                 Department, College of Applied Medical Sciences,

                                                 K.S.U., Riyadh.


                                                *Teaching the undergraduate students the principles and

                                                  Practice of Ultrasound and patient care.

                                                *Supervision of the students during their hospital


                                                *Female students counseling and academic advisor.

                                                *Clinical assessment of the students.

                                                *Participate in the validation activities of the college.

                                                *Participate in the academic activities within the     the                                              Radiological Sciences Department.


(Sept.1997 to Sept. 1998):     Internship at King Fahad National Guard Hospital,



                                              *One year Internship in 550 beds acute care Hospital

                                                Accredited by JACHO.

                                              *Rotated through major subspecialties in Radiology

                                                Department for six months.

                                              *Six months as specialization period in Ultrasound

                                                (Four Months in general Ultrasound and two months in

                                                Obstetric and gynecology department)




                                              Attendance at conferences, lectures and seminars.

                 (May 2008):     *3rd Vascular duplex and 8th Doppler application course.


       (September 2007):    *First Annual Riyadh Radiology Review(ARRR),

                                            Riyadh Radiology Club (RRC),Riyadh,Sudi Arabia.       

                                          *Vedio cnferencing session from Massachusetts                   

                                             General Hospital, Department of Radiology.


           (February 2004) :        *Symposium of recent advances in Radiology and

                                                   Medical Imaging.College of Medicine, King Saud 

                                                   University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


           (January  2004)  :        *A course of Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging in

                                                   Obestetric and Gynecoloy.Specialized Academy

                                                   For Medical Training, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


           (December 2003) :       *Doppler Application Cource.College of Medicine,

                                                   King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


           ( October  2003 ) :        *Symposium of Update in Diagnostic Imaging.

                                                   King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre.

                                                   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


            (April  2003 ) :            *One month training in General Ultrasound  in Social

                                                    Insurance Hospital.


            ( July  2000 )  :            *Two monthes training in General Ultrasound in      

                                                   King Abdulaziz University Hospital,Riyadh.


            (March 1999) :            *Annual symposium on recent advances in

                                                    Radiology, King Saud University, College of

                                                    Medicine, Riyadh.

            (March 1998) :            *Symposium on current trends in Medical Imaging,

                                                    King Fahad National Guard Hospital, Riyadh.

            ( July  1996 ) :             *Two monthes summer training program in Radiology

                                                    Department.King Fahad National Guard Hospital,

                                                    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

            (May  1995 ) :             *Radiological Sciences: A centennial Symposium,

                                                   King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research

                                                   Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.