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Med 392 is the official dermatology course for the undergraduate medical students. The course is focusing on the basics of clinical dermatology and considered as introductory course for dermatology. At the end of the course, the medical student should be able to describe a skin lesion, be aware of the common presentations of common diseases and be able to formulate a differential diagnosis list and establish a preliminary management plan. The course will cover the following clinical aspects and topics:

§  Basics of dermatology including descriptive abilities

§  Acne and acne related diseases

§  Papulosquamous disorders

§  Hair disorders and alopecia

§  Skin manifestations of systemic diseases

§  Vitiligo

§  Skin infections

§  Eczema and ezematous reactions

§  Dermatologic emergencies



The dermatology postgraduate studies are part of the King Saud University Fellowship which is a 4-year residency program. The program is regulated by the college medical education center through the postgraduate board. King Saud University Fellowship of Dermatology was established in 1996 as the first dermatology residency program in the region. The first year resident will rotate in the departments of medicine, pediatrics and plastic surgery. The remaining three years of residency will be spent in clinical and subspeciality dermatology.  The fields covered in the dermatology residency include:

§  Basic Dermatology

§  General Clinical Dermatology

§  Dermatopathology

§  Dermatologic Surgery

§  Pediatric Dermatology

§  Cutaneous Laser Surgery

§  Immunodermatology

§  Phototherapy

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