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 Dr. Alotaibi

SURG 451  (Female)     10 Cr. Hours
The course is composed of one week practical, which covers pure anesthesia and Intensive  Care. It is composed of theoretical and practical parts. The student is expected to complete the  required logbook.

To learn the basic theory and gain practical experience in:
1.) Pre-operative Clinical Assessment and medical anaesthetic problems.
2.) Re-certification in Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
3.) Intra-operative monitoring
4.) Principles of critical care, monitoring and management in S.I.C.U.
5.) Post-operative chest & cardiac complications and its management
6.) Basic Principles of General & Local Anesthesia

• Attendance
• Logbook
• Special OSCI/Oral Examination (part of the surgical examination)

                                                                                Dr. Alotaibi

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