Curriculum vitae Personal information:- Dr.Hanan B. Albackr, MBBS, FRCPC Associate professor of Medicine, College of Medicine, King Saud University, cardiac science department Adult Cardiology consultant, Echocardiography King Fahad Cardiac Center, King Khalid University Hospital (KFCC, KKUH) Riyadh DOB: 21/07/1974 Nationality: Saudi Address: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Postal code: 11472 Riyadh PO Box number: 7805 (83) Tel: +966 1 467-1517 Tel:+966 1 4671161 Tel: +966 1 467-2486 Fax: +966 1 467-1581 Cell : +966 504411544 Email: Spoken languages: Arabic, English Education Qualifications and administrative positions 1997: Awarded a bachelor of medicine and surgery from the college of medicine King Saud university-(KSU) in Riyadh with Grade of 4.8/5 1998-1999: Employed as a demonstrator in the college of medicine- KSU in Riyadh and joined the department of internal medicine as a medical resident. 2000 : Got a scholarship to university of western Ontario (UWO) in London Ontario, Canada to do internal medicine specialty. 2001-2003: Medical resident in UWO in London Ontario in Canada. 2004: Awarded the Canadian board of internal medicine to become an internist. 2004-2006: Cardiology fellow in UWO to do cardiology subspecialty. 2006 : Awarded the Canadian cardiology board and became a cardiologist. 2006-2007: A clinical fellow in echocardiography in university of Ottawa institute (OHI) to do subspecialty of adult echocardiography. March 2008: Joined the department of cardiology at KKUH, KSU as a cardiology consultant July 2008: Offered a position of an assistant professor of internal medicine at King Saud University 2009-2013 : Director of Heart function Clinic at KFCC, KKUH March 2009: A Member of strategic planning committee in the college of medicine at King Saud university February 2011-2013: Became the director of the noninvasive and echo lab at King fahad cardiac Centre in king Khalid university hospital 2011-2014: A member of Saudi heart failure group 2013-2014: A member of academic supervision committee for medical students. 2014-2015: A sabbatical leaf to do part of my research. 2015-2016: promoted to an associate professor in cardiac science department at king Saud university Work Experience: Currently working as a full time cardiology consultant in King Fahad cardiology Centre at KKUH and assistant professor in the college of medicine. My subspecialty expertise in adult echocardiograms. I have read more than 10000 thoracic adult echocardiograms since I started my career as a cardiologist last year in March 2008. I have been doing cardiology since 2004 when I was cardiology fellow dealing with a variety of clinical scenarios both on ER, CCU settings or outpatient clinic setting and as a consult for cardiology service. The main scope of my clinical work is reading transthoracic echocardiograms, doing stress echocardiograms and Trans esophageal echocardiograms (TEE) including intra operative TEE. Also taking care for cardiology patients in the cardiology floor, CCU and seeing cardiology consultations referred from different subspecialties I am involved in the strategic plan committee of the college of medicine at King Saud University I am involved in teaching of third and fifth year medical student Also involved in teaching of postgraduate residents of internal medicine and cardiology fellows Currently and for the first time in our Centre history running Heart function clinic program I have worked in different cardiac centers in Riyadh as a visiting cardiology consultant including King Fahad medical city , prince Sultan cardiac Centre in Riyadh and cardiology Centre in the kingdom hospital in Riyadh. Scientific conferences: - Canadian cardiology conference in Toronto in October 2004. - ACC conference in Atlanta Georgia-USA in 2005 - AHA conference in Chicago in 2006 - Adult congenital heart diseases symposium in turkey in 2008 - 7th gulf heart association conference April 2009 - ACC conference in Atlanta Georgia-USA in 2010 - Speaker in 21st Saudi heart conference in Feb. 2010 - 3-Dimensional echocardiogram course in Germany in November 2010 Workshops and scientific activities: - The art and science of cardiac physical examination- 2003 -Evidence based medicine-Systematic review course workshop May 2009 -1st hands-on workshop in statistics, analysis of data and research writing- Feb 2010 -Speaker in 3rd annual ECG conference May 2009 - Speaker in 4th annual ECG conference May 2010 - Speaker in 6th Acute coronary syndrome symposium (ACS) conference April 2010 - Speaker in Internal medicine update March 2010 - Speaker in 1st cardiac Centre research day June 2010 -Speaker in third medial career day- March 2008 -Speaker in 22nd Saudi heart conference in Feb. 2011 -3-D echo workshop in KFMC in Riyadh - March 2011 -Speaker in Internal medicine update April 2011 -Speaker of adult cardiology update course in Riyadh march 2011 -aortic disease symposium KFCC in Riyadh may 2011 - Speaker in 23nd Saudi heart conference in Feb. 2012 -a Speaker of cardiovascular diseases in women, SHA, 2012, Red scarf -Member of America can society of echocardiogram -A board member of Saudi heart failure society, 2012 - Attendant of Saudi heart association echo work shop session October 2012 -A chair in first Saudi heart failure conference in Riyadh December 2012 -A speaker in the combined 10th Gulf heart (GHA)/ 24nd Saudi heart (SHA) conference in Feb. 2013 -Attended echo workshop in congenital heart diseases in December 2012 in Dubai -Speaker in first joint ESC/SHA meeting in dammam November 7-8/2013 -Speaker in second SHF meeting in Riyadh on December 4-5/2013 -Attend Euroecho meeting in Istanboul in Decemebr 10-14/2013 -Speaker and chairperson in 14th SHA meeting on February 4-7/2014 - Attended Gulf heart in Bahrain in February 26-28/2014 -Speaker in echo conference –Art of echo in Riyadh April 24-26 -Attended HF meeting in Athens on May/2014 Academic positions: 1- 2009 A member of strategic planning committee of the college of medicine and university hospitals 2- 2012 Appointed as A member of academic supervision committee for medical students in the college of medicine Community Service: -speaker in the red scarf conference SHA, cardiovascular diseases in women October 2012 - Gave lectures in SHA (red scarf) about The effect of smoking on cardiovascular system of women 2011 -Mentor of medical students in public education about cardiovascular diseases.2012 - Heart failure Public education workshop -Participation in the program of Locum in Hajj 1435 with Ministry of health. Research papers: 1- The role of 2-D echocardiogram in assessment of right ventricular function and volume- systematic review. Published in Saudi heart journal in 2008- Albackr H, Bougner D. , Dias B. 2- The prevalence of pulmonary hypertension in SLE patients ,2005-systemic review Albackr H., Dias Brian 3- Mitral Valve Disease: Diagnosis, Treatment and Future Therapy Richard R. Heuser 1/7/2012, Chapter Four: Assessment of Mitral Valve Disease Using Two Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Echocardiography (Hanan Albacker, Andrej Alfirevic Turki B. Albacker) 4- Design and preliminary results of the Heart Function Assessment Registry Trial in Saudi Arabia (HEARTS) in patients with acute and chronic heart failure† Khalid F. AlHabib1*, Abdelfatah A. Elasfar2, Hanan AlBackr1, Hussam AlFaleh1,Ahmad Hersi1, Fayez AlShaer1, Tarek Kashour2,3, Khalid AlNemer4,Gamal A. Hussein5, and Layth Mimish6, European Journal of Heart Failure (2011) 13, 1178–1184 5- Bentall procedure for an adult patient with supravalvular aortic stenosis and coronary aneurysms. Alzahrani H, Al-Shamiri M, Albackr H, Bakir BM, Alsatli RA, Albacker T.B, J Card Surg. 2013 Jul;28(4):394-396. 6- Primary pulmonary HTN in pregnancy-case report Hanan albackr, ahmad alshaer,latifa aldkhil , J Saudi Heart Assoc 2013;25:219–223 7 -Prevalence, Predictors and Outcome of Pulmonary Hypertension in Elderly Patients with Heart Failure and Preserved Ejection Fraction Versus Heart Failure and Reduced Ejection Fraction Fayez AlShaer, MD1; Khalid AlHabib, MD2; Hanan AlBackr, MD2; Ahmad Hersia, MD3 and Abdelfatah Elasfar, MD3, 4 1National Heart Institute, Cairo; 2King Fahad Cardiac Center, King Khalid University Hospital, College of Medicine, King Saud University; 3Prince Salman Heart Center, King Fahd Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and 4Cardiology Department, Tanta University, Cairo. Vol. 7, No. 1, 2013 ISSN 1687-6652 8-Prevalence and prognosis of congestive heart failure in Saudi patients admitted with acute coronary syndromeQ1 (from SPACE registry) Hanan B. Albackra, Khalid F. AlHabiba, Anhar Ullahb, Hussam Alfaleha,Ahmad Hersia, Fayez Alshaera, Khalid AlNemerb, Shukri Al Saifd, Amir Tarabene and Tarek Kashourc Coronary Artery Disease july 2013, 9- Clinical features, management, and short-
and long-term outcomes of patients with acute decompensated heart failure: phase I results
of the HEARTS database Khalid F. AlHabib1*, Abdelfatah A. Elasfar2,3, Hussam Alfaleh1, Tarek Kashour1,2, Ahmad Hersi1, Hanan AlBackr1, Fayez Alshaer1, Khalid AlNemer4, Gamal A. Hussein5, Layth Mimish6, Ali Almasood7, Waleed AlHabeeb1,8, Saleh AlGhamdi9, Mubrouk Alsharari10, Esmail Chakra11, Asif Malik12, Raza Soomro13, Abdullah Ghabashi14, Mushabab Al-Murayeh15, and Ahmed Abuosa16 European Journal of Heart Failure (2014) 27 December 2013 10 -A large Right atrial mass in a patient with hepatocellular carcinoma: Case report and literature review- Hanan B. Albackr, J Saudi Heart Assoc, DOI: 10.1016/j.jsha.2014.02.002 11- Review: Do We Still Need a Viability Study before Considering Revascularization in Patient with Stable Coronary Artery Disease and Significant Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction? Hanan Albackr, Abdulelah F. Al Mobeirek, Mostafa Al Shamiri, Turki B. Albacker International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2014, 5, 242-248 12-Percutaneous Coronary Interventional Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease and the Role of Antiplaplatelets Therapy: A Review of the Literature Mostafa Al Shamiri, Abdulelah F. Al Mobeirek, Hanan Albackr, Turki B. Albacker* International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2014, 5, 275-283 13-Review: Outcomes of Revascularization Strategies for Coronary Artery Disease Turki B. Albacker*, Hanan Albackr, Mostafa Al Shamiri, Abdulelah F. Al Mobeirek International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2014, 5, 260-274 14 -Review of Medical Treatment of Stable Ischemic Heart Disease Abdulelah F. Al Mobeirek, Hanan Albackr, Mostafa Al Shamiri, Turki B. Albacker International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2014, 5, 249-259 15-postoperative Use of Sildenafil for Pulmonary Hypertension After Adult Cardiac Surgery, a Review Article/Hanan Albackr, Turki Albacker and Abdullah Alkhorayyef/Exp Clin Cardiol Vol 20 Issue6 pages 3871-3879 / 2014 16-Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysm Eroding into the Interventricular Septum- Case Report /Hanan Albackr/Exp Clin Cardiol Vol 20 Issue7 pages 712-719 / 2014 17- Association of Abdominal Adiposity with Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases in Adult Saudi Males./Rashed Albakr, Mohmmed Pharaon, Abdullah Aldosari, Abdullah Alsaleem, Abdurahman Khoja, Hanan Albackr and Hussein Saad/Exp Clin Cardiol Vol 20 Issue8 pages 3745-3760 / 2014 18- PRELIMINARY RESULTS OF THE PREVALENCE OF LEFT VENTRICULAR DIASTOLIC DYSFUNCTION BY DOPPLER ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY IN SAUDI POPULATION . Hanan Bakr Albackr/Exp Clin Cardiol Vol 20 Issue10 pages 6385-6418 / 2014 19- Gender differences in acute decompensated heart failure patients: Insights from the Heart function AssessmentRegistry Trial in Saudi Arabia (HEARTS) Hussam AlFaleh 1,*, khalid AlHabib 1, Abdelfatah Elasfar 2, Tarek Kashour 1, Ahmed Hersi 1, Hanan AlBackr 1, FayezAlshaer 1, Gamal Hussein 3, Layth Mimish 4, Ali Almasood 5, Waleed AlHabib 1, Saleh AlGhamdi 6, Abdullah Ghabashi 7, Asif Malik 8, Ahmed Abuosa 9 WCC 2014 Abstract submission Ongoing research projects: - The effect of PFO on the size of ischemic stroke - Ehocardiographic Cardiac feature follow up in patients with sickle cell anaemia. - Low molecular weight heparin (LMWH)versus unfractionated heparin(UFH) in prgnant women with prosthetic valve disease - Correlation between echocardiographic left ventricle systolic Function, volumes, and myocardial iron overload using Cardiovascular MRI in Saudi Patients with Thalassemia Major Receiving Iron Chelator - "Impact of Transthoracic echocardiography and Respiratory ultrasound Assessment in Cardiac Surgery" (ITRACS) study. References:- 1: Prof. Mohammed Fouda Professor of Cardiac Surgery Head, Cardiac Surgery Department Director, King Fahad Cardiac Center King Saud University Tel: 4679353 Cell: +966 500998877 2- : Prof. Fahad A. Alzamil Dean of College of Medicine and Supervisor of University Hospitals Address : P.O Box 2925 Riyadh 11461 Telephone : 4671390 Fax : 4672439 eMail : Website :

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