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OPTO 374: Binocular Vision

Discussion of the benefits of binocular vision to man as well as the many effect and phenomena found in vision secondary to binocularity including: sensory aspects of binocular vision, sensory fusion, fixation disparity analysis, accommodation, AC/A ratio, convergence, zone of clear single binocular vision, criteria for lens and prism prescription and ultimately binocular perception.


 OPTO 375:Anomalies of Binocular Vision

In this second of a two course series, anomalies and dysfunctions of normal binocular function and skills are discussed. Topics included will be: Action of individual extra-ocular muscles, suppression, amblyopia, and strabismus, measurement of angle of deviation, fusion problems as well as inability to adequately accommodate, converge and visually track.


 OPTO 493:Orthoptics

This course is designed to teach the optometry student the methods treatment of binocular problems emanating from visual and oculo-motor inefficiency. Emphasis will be placed on the treatment of: strabismus, amblyopia, suppression as well as convergence, divergence and vergence range problems. The treatment of other visual and oculo-motor problems such as deficit of pursuit, saccades and eye-hand coordination will also be discussed.


 OPTO 355: Contact Lenses

In this second course in contact lens series , the students should know :  Hard contact lenses and their verification methods , fitting procedres , different types of fitting , fitting problems ,and contact lens indications and contraindications


OPTO 466: Optometry Clinic I 

In the first clinical course, optometry students will examine patients and provide refractive care. Under the supervision of faculty optometrists, students will learn to draw upon the information and skills acquired in prior classes to solve visual problems. Additionally, patient management skills will be discussed and developed.


OPTO 469: Optometry Clinic II 

This is the second and final clinical course. Under the supervision of faculty optometrist, students will examine more patients in order to acquire more competence.


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