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Phys 584

Nuclear Reactors Physics

(3+0) hours

Neutron Physics: Properties of neutrons, Neutron sources, microscopic and macroscopic cross-sections, elastic and inelastic scattering, absorption and Fission reactions, BF3 detectors, Mechanism of energy loss by scattering collisions, Scattering law, Neutron lethargy and average logarithmic decrement, Moderating ratio, Slowing down equation  for homogenous mixture , Neutron current density.

Nuclear Fission by thermal neutron in homogenous reactors: Scattering Cross Section, Energy release from fission, Neutron yield, Energy distribution among fission neutrons and fragments. Reproduction constant, neutron balance, Resonance Escape Probability, Reactor Criticality, Neutron cycle and the multiplication factor. 

Neutron diffusion: Diffusion equation and its solutions, Measurement of diffusion length, Albedo concept, Application to infinite slab reactor, and a point source in a neutron moderator.

The Critical equation in steady homogenous reactors: Diffusion equation applied to thermal for infinite and finite reactors, Fast neutron diffusion and Fermi age equation, Effective Multiplication for finite reactors, Critical equation and Reactor Buckling, Critical size and Geometrical Buckling (Cube and Semi-Cubic shape, sphere, cylinder), Critical volume and critical fuel mass calculations.

Heterogeneous Reactors: Effect of fuel distribution on the parameters of the multiplication factor, Non-steady nuclear reactors.

 Text Books:

1- Elementary Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Physics by: S. E. Liverhant

Publisher: John Wiley 1960.

2- Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Theory, by John R. Lamarsh.

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1972.

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