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Course Code: SDS 441

Course Title: 

 Clinical Removable Prosthodontics II

Credit Hours: 3 (1L+2C)

Prerequisites: SDS 421 

Course Description:

This fifth year SDS course is designed to give the student both didactic and clinical experience in the comprehensive management of a variety of cases in Removable Partial and Complete Dentures, emphasis will be placed on overdentures, single dentures, attachments and surveyed crowns.

The didactic component will cover general prosthodontic topics such as pattern and sequelae of edentulism. In addition, concepts of shortened dental arch and the pre-edentulous state will be reviewed. Clinically applied topics will be introduced on the following subjects:  Attachments, Occlusion, Dental implants, and Maxillofacial prosthetics.

Course Objectives: 

·         Improving the student's knowledge level, both didactically and clinically, with a view to refining the student's approach to comprehensive patient care.

·         Improving the student's clinical skills to perform a comprehensive examination, diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment for variety of removable prosthodontic cases. The students should be able to treat cases that need fixed/removable partial denture with surveyed crowns.

·         Reinforcing the mutual interdependence of high-quality clinical and technical activities for the attainment of precise and predictable clinical outcomes.


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