Name                         :           Laila Mohammed Al-Dokhi

Date of Birth              :           1961

Place of Birth                        :           Riyadh

Nationality                :           Saudi

Religion                     :           Islam

Marital Status           :           Married

Address                     :           Physiology Department

College of Medicine

King Saud University

P.O. Box 2925

Riyadh 11461

Saudi Arabia

Telephone                 :           966 1 4786798; 966 1 4679370

Email                          :           laila282@hotmail.com





Ph.D.                          :           King Saud University                                  (2007)

                                                Department of Physiology

Title:   The role of adipocytokines in regulating B-cell function and insulin resistance in healthy subjects and type II diabetic patients

                                                Grade: Excellent


M.Sc.                           :           Pennsylvania State University                   (1996)

Specialty: Immuno Endocrinology

Title: The effects of genotypes, ACTH on the immune responses of birds selected for high and low antibody production against sheep red blood cells

Grade: Excellent


M.B.B.S.                     :           King Saud University                                  (1988-1989)  

Grade: Good






1998-2005                   Resident

Department of Physiology

King Saud University, Medical College

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


2005-2007                   Specialist

Department of Physiology

King Saud University, Medical College

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


2007-present              Assistant Professor

Department of Physiology

King Saud University, Medical College

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia





1.             Riyadh Diabetes Club scientific meeting                                                   2007

2.             The 2nd Molecular Biology Workshop “Hands-On”           28-30 April 2007

3.             4th Workshop for Medical Education                                  13-15 March 2007

4.             The PowerPoint                                                                                              2003

5.             Assessments                                                                                                    2002  





1.             9th World Diabetes Day “WDD”-Professional Program with a theme entitled “Fight Obesity to Prevent Diabetes”.  November 25, 2004.  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2.             5th International Symposium on Hematology and Transfusion Medicine.  March 14-17, 2004.  King Fahad Cultural Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

3.             5th Pan Arab Congress on Endocrinology and Diabetes.  February 28, 2004 to March 2, 2004.  King Fahad Cultural Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.






1.              Mashaly MM, Al-Dokhi L, Siegel HS, Atta A, Briles WE, Siegel PB, Dunnington EA.  Relationship between haplotypes at the major histocompatibility complex and lymphocyte activity of chicken lines selected for high and low antibody production.  Advances in Avian Immunology Research England 1994: 105-110.

2.              Mashaly MM, Trout JM, Hendricks G III, Al-Dokhi LM, Gehad A.  The role of neuroendocrine immune interactions in the initiation of humoral immunity in chickens.  Domestic Animal Endocrinology 1998; 15(5): 409-422.