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Self-assessment GIT course:


1.    Contraction of longitudinal muscle:

A.  shortens that segment

B.    increases the length of that segment

C.  decreases the diameter of the lumen

D.   does not affect the length of that segment


  1. Regarding gastro-intestinal peptides:
  1. gastrin is a paracrine substance
  2. hormones can go from endocrine gland directly to the target cells
  3. somatostatin is a paracrine substance
  4. VIP is released from endocrine cells


3.    In Swallowing:

  1. The oral stage is an involuntary stage
  2. The pharyngeal stage is a voluntary stage
  3. The esophageal stage has 3 peristaltic waves
  4. The upper esophageal sphincter relaxes in esophageal stage

4.    Gastric juice consists of:

  1. Mucus, electrolytes and HCl
  2. Mucus and pancreatic juice
  3. HCl, intrinsic factor and liver secretions
  4. HCl and intrinsic factor, but no pepsinogen

5.    parietal  cells release:

  1. mucus
  2. gastrin into the stomach
  3. HCl
  4. Gastrin into the portal circulation


6.    The gastrointestinal hormone is:

  1. VIP
  2. Somatostatin
  3. CCK
  4. Acetylcholine (Ach)

7.    The first layer toward the serosa is:

      A. Mucosa

      B. circular muscle  

      C. Submucosa

      D. Longitudinal muscle

8.    Lipase digests:

      A. Cholesterol ester

       B. Phospholipids

       C. Carbohyderate

       D. Triglyceride



9.    The micelle is important in the absorption of:

       A. Glucose

        B. Lipids

        C. Proteins

        D. Fructose


10. Trypsin is important in digestion of:

        A. Carbohyderate

        B. Proteins

        C. Suger

        D. Cholesterol        


11.  anatomically , the stomach is divided into:

A.    Fundus and body only  

B.      Antrum only

C.    Reservoir and antrual regions

D.    Pylorus, body and fundus 



12. Contraction of circular  muscle:

A.    increases the diameter of the lumen

B.      decreases the diameter of the lumen

C.    less important than contraction of longitudinal muscle

D.    does not affect the length of that segment


13.  Slow waves are

A.   Generated from G cells

B.    Generated from parietal  cells

C.  Generated from Cajal  cells

D.   Generated from S  cells


14.  Somatostatin

  1. increases gastric H secretion
  2. increases gastric HCO3 secretion
  3. inhibits gastric H secretion
  4. inhibits gastric HCO3 secretion



15. Bile acid is synthesized from:

A.    Carbohydrates

B.      Enzymes

C.    Cholesterol

D.    Water


16.  Bile contains all of the following except:

A.    Fructose

B.      Phospholipid

C.    Bile pigment

D.    Electrolytes


17.  CCk:

A.    Activates pancreatic ductal cells to release water

B.      Activates pancreatic aciner cells to release enzymes

C.    Relaxes gall bladder wall

D.    Contacts sphincter of Oddi


18.  Lipid absorption can be in:

A.    Triglyceride form

B.      Phospholipids form

C.    Free fatty acids form

D.    Disaccharides form


19.  Micells:

A.    are important in digesting sugar

B.      facilitate the absorption of Galactose

C.    are Structured from bile acids 

D.     are Structured from hydrophilic molecules only


20.  pancreatic secretion is:

  1. isotonic relative to plasma
  2. hypotonic relative to plasma
  3. is osmotic relative to plasma
  4. none of the above 



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