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Personal Information:

Name: Hala Abdulrahman Alangari

Nationality: Saudi

Job: Lecturer at College of Education , Department of Pre-school Education – King Saud university.

P.O Box 50583 Riyadh 11533 .

Email :


 Academic Qualifications:

·        Master degree in education principles from King Saud university on 1427 H- Thesis title was (Relationship between kindergarten environment variations and the developing of children social behavior).

·        Bachelor degree in the education major Pre-school Education , Education College , King Saud university .


 Work Qualifications:

·        Supervisor on the field training students-.  

·        Professor assistant at King Saud university  

·        Lecturer at King Saud university from 1427 H, and I am still on job till now.



·        A member in field training committee .

·        A Head of field training committee from 1428 till now.


 Courses and the workshops:

·        Training course in computer.

·        Training course in English language.

·        Treatment by  the playing workshop from Dr. Siham Alsiwaig.

·        Quality evaluation workshop in kindergarten from Dr. Nahla Ghawagi.

·        Kindergarten activities workshop for Dr Azzah Khalil.

·        Dramatic innovation workshop from Ghada Almousa.

·        Cooperative education workshop from Ghada Almousa.

·       Workshop of " Teaching Creative Thinking for Kindergarten Children" for 15 hours , Riyadh May 2008.




·        Seminar in the early childhood – its characteristics and needs on 1425 H.  

·        Seminar in kindergarten issues on 1427 H.

·        Seminar in Development of Faculties in higher education organization.

·        Seminar in kindergarten issues on 1428 H.

·        Our sons how we can prepare them for successful marriage on 1428 H.

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