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Al-Shayaa, M, S. Elhag A. E. ( 2006). Domestic water uses behavior and the role of awareness programs in water conservation in Hail city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Bulletin Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University (57), Cairo, Egypt.---(ABSTRACT) --- (الملخص العربي) 


 Al-Shayaa, M, S. Kohdran H. Al-Zahrani, Elhag A. Elhag, &Saud Hamad AL- hoqeil. (2006). A study on Behavior and Problems of Dates Palm Producer as data Base for Extension Work In Al Majmaah province, Alexandria Science Exchange Journal, 27(3).  Alexandria, Egypt.--- (ABSTRACT) --- (الملخص العربي) 


Al-Shayaa, M., S. (2007).  Suitability of the Types and Timing of Extension Programs Dealing with House's water Conservations of Students' Parents in Hail City in Saudi Arabia. Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences 6(1). King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudia Arabia.--- (ABSTRACT) --- (الملخص العربي )


Al-Shayaa, M., S., Ali M. Al-Sarar (2007).  To What Extent Farmers in Kharj Province are Aware about Safety Aspects During Appling Pesticides in Agriculture.  Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 32(7).  Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt.---( ABSTRACT) --- ( الملخص العربي) 


Al-Shayaa, M., S., (2007). Evaluation of the Roles of Agricultural Forums' as an Extension Method in Adoption of Agricultural Technologies - the Case Study of the Al-Ketah Agricultural Forum.Food Sci. & Agric. Res. Center, King Saud University, 156, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia --- ( ABSTRACT) --- ( الملخص العربي ) 


Al-Shayaa, M., S. (2007).  The role of Saudi Agricultural Exhibitions in AgriculturalTechnology Transfer. Assiut University Bulletin for Enveronmental Researches,10(2). Assiut, Egypt --- ( ABSTRACT) --- (الملخص العربي)



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