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Domestic water uses behavior and the role of awareness programs in water conservation in Hail city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mohammad S. Al-Shayaa        Elhag A. Elhag


 The study investigated domestic water practices and the role of awareness programs in water conservation in Hail city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its relationships with household irrational use of water, in addition to the reasons and low awareness of this irrational use of domestic water. Data was collected, by using a questionnaire during personal interviews, from a random sample of 402 household heads in Hail city.

The study results concluded that the irrational use of domestic  water results from several unfriendly practices the most important of which are: the negligence of the periodical maintenance of household water supply network, leaving children consume beyond the control of their parents, the use of hoses in washing cars and houses courts. The results revealed different reasons for water non-conservation among which are: the absence of stories and educational syllabuses related to water conservation, the absence of water extension specialists, working in the Ministry of water, to houses, in addition to the dissatisfaction of the respondents about the conservation campaigns, and that such campaigns were insufficient to raise the awareness level in the society and that the mosques do not play their role in water conservations.

          The study recommended the necessity to prepare  awareness programs aiming at improving the attitudes towards conservation, and to pay more attention to younger generations to bring them up on a conservational attitude, in addition to the importance to recruit and train  specialists in the area of water conservation, and to utilize all the means encouraging water conservation at schools and mosques to adopt the best water conservation practices.


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