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To What Extent Farmers in Kharj Province Are Aware about Safety Aspect During applying Pesticides in Agriculture


Pesticides is consider as one of the most important inputs substances in agriculture production process that can quantitatively and qualitatively increase agriculture.  Despite of the importance of pesticides in controlling agricultural insects, but the lack of knowledge about safety aspects may have negative effects on human health, and environment. This study aims at identifying the knowledge aspect relevant to using the suitable safety aids such as : - the extent of the knowledge about the pesticides and the content of these insecticides and the mechanism of poisoning via which pesticides and the mechanism of poisoning via which pesticides penetrate into the body during applying the process, to what extent farmers apply the safety measures, the extensions services provided by the province and to what extent farmers are benefiting from it, farmers information sources about insecticides , farmers socioeconomic characteristics and how they relate to the study variables.

A simple random sample of 241 farmers in Kharj province, and the response rate was 72.2%.  The results show that the farmers have limited knowledge about the contents of the insecticides and they have less information about the right application of insecticides.  This is related to the farmer's personal attributes regarding their experience in dealing with insecticides, which show low correlations.   The farmers extent of applying the safety methods does  not reflect the knowledge and the importance degree for the farmer regarding applying the low safety methods. The extension services in this regards, along with the benefit from them, expect for printing materials is low. The farmer depends on insecticides sellers as the information sources. The results show a correlation between experience in dealing with insecticides and applying suitable safety measures.

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