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Suitability of the Types and Timing of Extension Programs Dealing with House's water Conservations of Students' Parents in Hail City in Saudi Arabia  

Mohammad Sh. Al-Shayaa     


One of the important means to enhance people proper and rational use of water is to increase their awareness about water scarcity through properly designed and timely delivered awareness programs.  This study investigated how Hail's people prefer awareness programs about water conservation to be delivered.  The study focused on four sub objectives:  a) the effect of mass communications, b) the best time to deliver programs, c) how people like the program's to be showed, and d) the people ideas towards water conservations.

Data was collected, by using a questionnaire during personal interviews, from a random sample of 361 household heads in Hail city.  The study findings concluded that Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) massages are the most viewed awareness programs, followed by television awareness programs.  Furthermore, the results showed that people prefer to watch TV in the night, and listen to the radio in the morning and afternoon.  Moreover, the findings reveald that people had different views about the type of awareness programs, they like to watch, and the first priority one is television advertisement and recording from the field.  Also, the results revealed that the respondents agreed on the importance of water conservation for all aspects of live.

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