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A Study on Behavior and Problems of Dates Palm Producer as data Base for Extension Work in Al Majmaah Province

 M. S. Al-Shayaa, K. H. Al-Zahrani , E A. Elhag, S. H. AL- hoqeil


The study aims to study the problems that face date palm producers in Al-Majmaah Province and its branches. This is acquired by some secondary objectives; such as measuring the date palm farmers' level of knowledge, skills regarding their sources of information and knowing the extension services and activities delivered to them along with what extent they benefit from it. Also, the study examines some of the date palm farmers' socioeconomic and personal characteristics, their correlation to the study variables and the most important problems that face the date palm farmers in the area and how it could be solved. Data has been collected through personal interviews using a questionnaire from a random sample of 314 farmers.

        Frmers' experience highly ranges from areas of pollution, suitable distance between palm trees, appropriate irrigation, seedlings types, types of soil suitable for date palm and appropriate time for pollination. On the other hand, farmers' lack the sufficient experience in some areas; includes palm diseases and infection control, pesticides used to control insects and modern machinery usage for harvesting.

The study shows that the farmers sources of information are many and different.  Also, it indicates that distribution of extension written materials, and field visits were the most important activities with the percentage of farmers.  It, also, indicates that diversification of sources of information, annual income from date production, educational level, years of experience in date production, annual income from other sources and the cultivated area explained 34% of the total variation in the extent of farmers’ benefit from the extension services and activities and the partial regression coefficient of each of them is significant at 0.01 level. 

The study shows that date palm producers face several different problems such as technical agricultural problems, marketing problems and lack of trained laborers.

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