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442 PDS

Clinical Pediatric Dentistry II

442 PDS


Credit Hour                              :           Two (2) Credit Hours

Pre-requisite Course                 :           441 PDS

Location in the Curriculum        :           Fifth Year

Required Textbooks                  :           Fundamental of Pediatric Dentistry

                                                                              By:  Mathewson, R.J. and

               Primosch, R.E. 3rd Edition 1995


Pediatric Dentistry:  Infancy through Adolescence

                                                                 By: Jimmy Pinkham, 4th Edition, 2005

    Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent

      By:  McDonald, R.E. and Avery, D.R.

        7th Edition, 2000;  Mosby Co., Inc.


Course Description:

This is final clinical course in pediatric dentistry.  The course consists of one clinical training session of 3 hours per week for the whole academic year.  The students are required to provide comprehensive dental treatment for children age 3 to 8 years presenting with a wide range of dental problems.  Emphasis of the course will be on patient education and management, treatment planning, prevention of dental disease, restorative procedures, pulp therapy, and space management. 

Course Objectives:

After completing the clinical training, the students should be able to:


1.         Evaluate the patient’s need for behavior modification.

2.         Apply different behavior modification techniques learned.

3.         Formulate a treatment plan for this age group.

4.         Discuss with parents different approaches for the prevention of dental disease.

5.         Teach and motivate parents in proper brushing technique according to their children age.

6.         Administer local anesthesia.

7.         Use rubber dam properly.

8.         Restore primary teeth using different materials available.

9.         Use several clinical procedures available for pulp therapy.

10.       Effectively manage cases of premature primary tooth/teeth loss.

11.       Manage dental trauma in children.

12.       Recognize and manage/refer disabled individuals.


Clinical Course Outline:

1.         Guidance of the child behavior (Psychological).

2.         Guidance of the child behavior (Pharmacological).

3.         Pulp Therapy

4.         Stainless Steel Crown Restorations.

5.         Treatment strategies of caries in children.

6.         Space management

7.         Management of patients with:  

a.                   Traumatized primary teeth and immature permanent anterior teeth.

b.                  Oral and skin manifestations of infectious diseases.

c.                   Periodontal diseases.

d.                  Systemic diseases.

e.                   Disabled conditions.


Course Requirements:

Following are the minimum clinical requirements:

1.         Comprehensive Treatment Plans           -           Three

2.         Behavior Management                          -           Two

3.         S.S.C   .                                               -           Five

4.         Pulpotomies                                          -           Four

5.         Space Maintainers                                -           Three

6.         Finished cases                                      -           Two


Course Evaluation/Grading:  Total Grade (100)

Students are evaluated as follow:


            1. Clinical Evaluation                                          70%

            2. Written Examination                                      30%



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