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441 PDS

Clinical Pediatric Dentistry I

441 PDS 

                              Sunday, 1:00 – 5:00 pm [MUC]



Course Director           :           DR. ASMA AL-JOBAIR     [MUC]


Contributors                :              Dr. Ebtissam Murshid

                                                Dr. Maha Al-Sarheed

                                                Dr. Nouf Al-Hammad

                                                Dr. Fares Al-Sehaibany                       MUC

                                                Dr. Arafah Khattab

                                                Dr. Latifa Al-Howaish

                                                Dr. Rehab Allam [PG]

                                                Dr. Rasha Dabaan [PG]                                 



Credit Hour                             :           Four (4) Credit Hours

Pre-requisite Course                 :           341 PDS

Location in the Curriculum         :           Fourth Year

Required Textbooks :  Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent

                                                            By:  Ralph E. McDonald

                                                 8th Edition, 2004, Mosby Co., Inc.

Course Description:

            This is a four-credit hour course with the duration of one academic year.  The course consists of didactic and clinical components.  The didactic component addresses the different aspects of diagnosing, managing and treating the dental problems of pre-school and school age children.

            The clinical component is the first clinical course in Pediatric Dentistry.  The course offers one session of 3 hours each week for one academic year.  It is a clinical setting in which the student acquires the motor skills necessary to render care for children.  The student should have an opportunity to perform the clinical procedures commonly associated with children’s dentistry.  The concept of comprehensive care will be adapted so that the student develops an awareness of and appreciation for the total child.  Patients with age ranging from 8 to 14 years will be selected according to course requirement. 

Course Outline: 

1.         Assessment of the child which includes the medical and dental history, type of behavior, occlusion, oral habits, soft tissue, carious lesions, radiographic interpretation.

2.         Practice of patient motivation, plaque control, topical fluoride therapy, fissure sealant.

3.         Practice of operative dentistry for children, which include local anesthesia, rubber dam placement, amalgam and resin restorations, stainless crown, pulpal procedures for primary and young permanent teeth, extraction of primary teeth.  Space management appliances and employment of behavior management aids.


                        Didactic                          -           50%

                                                                                                     = 100%

                        Clinic                               -           50%


                        341 Based Review Exam                      -              5%

                        Written Assessment No. 1                    -           7.5%

                        Written Assessment No. 2                    -           7.5% = 50%

                        Written Assessment No. 3                    -           10%

                        Final Assessment                                  -           20%


                        Quality                                               -           35%

                                                                                                           = 50%

                        Effort                                                  -           15% 

The evaluation of the clinical work will be based on:

1.         Weekly assessment of the quality of work (35 pts).

 A number of instructors are assigned for this course.  Each one of them will work with a group of seven or eight students for three weeks then rotate with other groups.  The final grade for the quality of work will be an average of the grades given by the all instructors.The knowledge of the student on clinical procedure being performed or related topics will be tested on weekly basis by the instructor.

2.         Satisfying the course requirements and efforts (15 pts).

            Minimum course requirement for the year.


3        Acceptable treatment plan

4    Class I cavity preparation including OL

4        Class II cavity preparation

2        Anterior restoration (Class III, IV, V build up)

2        Extraction

8    Fissure sealant i.e. Minimum of 4 points

3    Pulpotomy

2    Space maintainer

3    Preventive resin restoration

3    Stainless steel crown

2    Complete cases

3    Recall visit

            The above are the minimum requirements accepted for the course.  It is expected that the students would use their time wisely and show more effort.  Point system will be adopted to assess this effort.  The final grade will be measured according to class performance.  Students are expected to complete every case started.


441 PDS

Clinical Pediatric Dentistry I



First Half of Academic Year 2008-2009

Sunday, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Room 202


Course Director:          Dr. Asma Al-Jobair [MUC]





12 Oct.

Introduction to Clinical Pediatric Dentistry &

Infection Control Considerations for Children

Dr. Al-Jobair

19 Oct.

Philosophy of Planning Dental Treatment for Children

Dr. Murshid

26 Oct.


Dr. Al-Jobair

02 Nov.

Development of Occlusion

Dr. Al-Sehaibany

09 Nov.

Psychological Management of Children’s Behaviors I

Dr. Al-Sarheed

16 Nov.

Psychological Management of Children’s Behaviors II

Dr. Al-Sarheed

23 Nov.

Minor Oral Surgery in Children

Dr. Al-Hammad

30 Nov.


Dr. Al-Jobair



3-13 December 2008


14 Dec.

Anomalies of Developing Dentition I

Dr. Al-Hammad

21 Dec.

Anomalies of Developing Dentition II

Dr. Al-Hammad

28 Dec.

Planning for Space Management in Mixed Dentition

Dr. Al-Sehaibany

04 Jan. 09

Dental Caries in the Child and Adolescent I

Dr. Al-Jobair

11 Jan.

Dental Caries in the Child and Adolescent II

Dr. Al-Jobair

18 Jan.

Pulp therapy for Young Permanent Teeth

Dr. Al-Sarheed

25 Jan.


Dr. Al-Jobair

01 Feb.

Discussion of Clinical Requirements and Grades

Dr. Al-Jobair

08 Feb.

Review of Written Assessment

Dr. Al-Jobair



441 PDS

Clinical Pediatric Dentistry I 


Second Half of Academic Year 2008-2009

Sunday, 1:00 – 2:00 pm 

Course Director:          Dr. Asma Al-Jobair [MUC, Room 202]





01 Mar.

Antimicrobials in Pediatric Dentistry


08 Mar.

Radiographic techniques for children

Dr. Allam

15 Mar.

Introduction to Dental Trauma I and II

Dr. Al-Jobair

22 Mar.

Managing Traumatic Injuries in the Young Permanent Teeth

Dr. Al-Sarheed

29 Mar.

Pharmacological Management of Patient Behavior

Dr. Khattab

5 Apr.

Nitrous Oxide – Oxygen Inhalation

Dr. Murshid

12 Apr.


Dr. Al-Jobair

19 Apr.

Discussion of clinical requirements and grade

Dr. Al-Jobair

26 Apr.

Mid-Year Break


03 May

Gingivitis and Periodontal Diseases in Children

Dr. Khattab

10 May

Dental Management of Disabled Children I

Dr. Al-Jobair

17 May

Dental Management of Disabled Children II

Dr. Al-Jobair

24 May

Oral Manifestations of Infectious Diseases in Children

Dr. Khattab

31 May

Management of children with systemic diseases


7 June

Medical Emergencies in Children

Dr. Al-Sehaibany

14 June

Hospital Dentistry

Dr. Al-Jobair

21 June


Dr. Al-Jobair


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