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341 PDS Exam

341 PDS

Introduction to Pediatric Dentistry 



Course Director:  DR. ASMA AL-JOBAIR




Maximum recommended dose of 2% lidocaine for children is:

a.   3.3 mg/kg

b.   4.4 mg/kg

c.   4 mg/kg

d.   2.2 mg/kg


The contact area in SSC preparation should be 

a.   Broken gingivally with a feather-edge finish line

b.   Broken gingivally with a chamfer-edge finish line

c.   Broken gingivally and buccolingually with feather-edge finish line

d.   Broken buccolingually with a feather-edge finish line


Indication of systemic fluoride administration depends on: 

a.   Age, caries risk, water fluoride level and parent-child cooperation

b.   Diet, age and caries risk

c.   Diet, caries risk and water fluoride level

d.  Caries risk, water fluoride level and parent-child cooperation


Disturbance in the initiation stage of life cycle of the tooth will cause 

     a.   Congenital absence of tooth

     b.   Supernumerary teeth

 c.   Amelogenesis imperfect     

   d.   Enamel hypoplasia  

     e.   a and b

     f.    all of the above


Varnish fluoride is indicated for patients with 

a.   High caries risk

b.   Teeth had deep fissure and grooves

c.   Decalcified teeth

d.   Orthodontic appliance

e.   a and c

f.    All of the above


In indirect pulp treatment of primary and young permanent teeth, the material of choice for pulp capping is:


a.   Zinc oxide eugenol cement

b.   Glass ionomer cement

c.   Polycarboxylate cement

d.   Calcium hydroxide cement

e.   None of the above


Radiograph is an important diagnostic aid in pulp therapy and it reveals: 

a.   Degree of carious involvement

b.   Presence of a sinus

c.   Pulpal pathology

d.   Vitality of the tooth

e.   a and c

f.    b and d


Which of the following statement is not correct? 

a.   Tooth with deep pits and grooves is more susceptible to the initiation of caries

b.   Newly erupted teeth are more resistance to caries

c.   Cariogenic bacteria " streptococcus" organized in a colony termed     plaque on   smooth surfaces of teeth

d.   Fructose is the substrate of choice by cariogenic bacteria

e.    a, b and c

f.     b and d


On an average, most children stop thumb sucking by the age of 

a.   Twelve years

b.   Eight years

c.   Four years

d.   Two years


Preventive resin restoration is indicated when

a.   All fissures are carious

b.   Spot area is carious and all fissures are clean

c.   Fissures are deep


While seating the SSC on the prepared tooth, if blanching occurs around the crown, this indicates: 

a.   Improper mesial and distal reduction

b.   Crown size is too small

c.   Crown margin is overextended

d.   Sharp line angle of the preparation


Maha, age 5 years, has all her primary teeth except #74 and 84, which were lost prematurely one month ago. To maintain the space she needs 

a.    Lilngual arch

b.   Bilateral band and loop

c.   Transpalatal arch

d.   No space maintenance is needed at this age.


The most valid reason for replacing missing incisors is the functional one.


                   a. True                                                b. False         


Creep is defined as: 

a.   chemical or electrochemical deterioration of amalgam occurs at the surface or subsurface

b.   Dimensional change that occurs amalgam sustain a load during mastication

c.   All of the above


Polyacid- modified composites " compomer" have :

a.     Low fluoride release

b.     Excellent handling characteristics

c.     More likely to wear than composite

d.     All of the above


                   GOOD LUCK





341 PDS

Introduction to Pediatric Dentistry



Course Director:  DR. ASMA AL-JOBAIR



 ·        Write about the morphological differences between primary and permanent teeth regarding pulps and roots.










·        Fracture of the isthmus of class II amalgam may result from:




 ·        The advantages of preventive resin restoration include:

1.     _________________________

2.     _________________________

3.     _________________________

4.     _________________________


·        The best crown to be placed on primary incisor when esthetic is of concern and hemorrhage is difficult to control is _________________________.


·        In the primary dentition, the sequence of caries attack follows a specific pattern which is:

1.     _________________________

2.     _________________________

3.     _________________________

·        What are the basic measures in controlling dental caries?







·        Maxillary permanent central and lateral incisors are highly susceptible to caries attack.

                    a.      True                          b.      False


  ·        The advantages of Vasoconstrictor in local anesthesia for pediatric patients are:

1.     _________________________

2.     _________________________

3.     _________________________

4.     _________________________


·        Maximum recommended doses of 2% Lidocaine for a child weighs 15 kg is :

a- 1.2 cartridges

b- 1.8 cartridges

c- 2.4 cartridges

d- 2.7 cartridges


·        List the 3 situations in which stainless steel crown is recommended.





·        Obtaining an optimal adaptation of SSC by:




·        ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


        GOOD LUCK





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