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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة




-   Development of the contents.

-   Use of the new technology on teaching

-   E-learning

-   Distance learning


-   Application of chromatography separation methods in environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical study.

-   Study the environmental pollutants and their safe removal

-   Preparation of inorganic materials to prevent the environment

-   Synthesis of new silica based materials for separation (Packing materials for chromatographic columns)

-   Development and enhance polymeric materials in order to use them for chromatographic columns

-   Development of new polymer membrane and use them in pervaporation for chemical separation and purification.

-   Nanomaterials for separation

-   Nanotechnology to improve s gas sensors.

-   Nanocatalyst and catalyst for petrochemical industry.

Running Research Projects

A) International research program funded by KSU.

  1. Mesoporous nanoreactor for the utilization of CO2 to produce organic carbonate with Institute of Coal Chemistry; Chinese Academy of Science.
  2. Nanocatalysis and nanoparticle catalysts in porous materials with chemistry department at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA.
  3. Mesoporous nanoreactor for purification of linear C6~C8 α-olefins from their mixtures with Institute of Coal Chemistry; Chinese Academy of Science.

B) Local research program funded by KSU.

  1. Polymer membrane for Chemical separation using pervaporation technology.
  2. Simultaneous determination of Dihydroergocristine, Clopamide and Respine in Brinerdin Drug using High Performance Liquid Chromatography.
  3. Preparation of capillary columns for chromatographic analysis.
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