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Publications and Presentations


   - Gagné JP, Al-Obeed O, Tadros S, Moonje V, Yelle JD, Poulin EC.  

                             Advanced laparoscopic surgery in a free-standing ambulatory setting:  

                             lessons from the first 50 cases. Surg Innov. 2007 Mar;14(1):12-7

 -  Al-Obaid O.

  Gallstone Ileus: A forgotten rare cause of intestinal obstruction.   Saudi J Gastroenterol 2007;13:39-42

  -  Al-Obeed O, Stern H, Penning J, 

Is Epidural Anaesthesia Safe To Be Used   In Rectal Anastomosis.  Presented in Canadian Association of  General Surgery meeting 2002.

 -  Management of pelvic bleeding. Colorectal forum, KFSH&RC        Mar 2006

 -  Laparoscopic colectomy for IBD. Colorectal forum, KFSH&RC     Mar 2007

 -  Management of anastomotic leak. Colorectal forum, KFSH&RC     Mar 2007



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