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1)   With regard to Meckel’s diverticulum, which is true:


a.       They are present in 50% of the population

b.      They are true diverticula.

c.       All can be visualized by Meckel’s scan.

d.      Most complications occur in the elderly.

e.       Diverticulitis is the most common complication.



2)A definite increased risk of colon cancer is associated with :


f.       Diet high in fiber.

g.      Diet low in animal fat and protein.

h.      Diet low in fiber.

i.        Ulcerative colitis

j.        Prior cholecystectomy.


3)With regard to colorectal polyps, which of the following is considered precancerous :


k.      Hyperplastic polyps.

l.        Hamartomatous polyps

m.    Adenomatous polyps

n.      Lymphoid polyps

o.      Inflammatory polyps.


4)Which of the following is the main chemical component of pigment gallstones:


p.      Cholesterol.

q.      Calcium bilirubinate.

r.        Calcium carbonate.

s.       Calcium palmitate.

t.        Calcium oxalate.


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