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1.   Alanazi F.K, Evaluation of Certain Amino Acids as Tablet Excipients: Accelerated Disintegration Effects in Tablets Containing Propranolol, Alex. J. Pharm. Sci., 21: 135-146, 2007 

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8.    Alsarra I.A, Alanazi F.K., Abdel Rahman A.A., Mahrous G.M. and Al Hezaimi K.A. Clinical Evaluation of Novel Buccoadhesive Film Containing Ketorolac in Dental and Post-Oral Surgery Pain Management (Gallery Proof  in Depharamzie 2007). 

9.    Alanazi F.K., El-Badry M. and Alsarra I.A., Spray-Dried HPMC Microparticles of Indomethacin: Impact of Drug-Polymer Ratio and Viscosity of the Polymeric Solution on Dissolution, Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, 14: 100-107 (2006) 

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14.  Adams, T., Alanazi, F. and Lu, D. R.: Safety and utilization of blood components as therapeutic delivery systems. Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, 4: 275-282 (2003)





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