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Case report: Primary cutaneous mucormycosis complicating the use of adhesive tape to secure the endotracheal tube.

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            Effect of Chronic Viral hepatitis on graft survival in renal transplant patients.  


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Management of Hypertension in Adults with Diabetes

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 SCOT Forum

Methanol Intoxication with Brain Hemorrhage: Catastrophic outcome of late presentation.

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Scot Forum: Post kidney Transplant transitional cell carcinoma of bladder.

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Validation of predictive equations for glomerular filtration rate in the Saudi population.

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Culture-Related Service Expectations: A Comparative Study Using the Kano Model.

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Jet Fuel Intoxication and Acute Renal Failure.

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Factors in the Progression of Diabetic Nephropathy and Its Complications: A Single Center Experience in Saudi Arabia.

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      20.    Saudi J Kidney Dis Transplant. Accepted for publication.

Comparison of High and Low Dose of Cyclophosphamide in Lupus Nephritis Patients: a Long Term Randomized Controlled Trial.

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