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Course Outline

SDS 211 - Introduction to Dentures

(Removable and Complete Dentures)


SDS 211 is a one-year course during the Second Year.  It is an introductory course to removable prosthodontics and is pre-clinical. 



This course is the first course in Removable Prosthodontics.  It consists of didactic and practical components that cover both complete and removable partial dentures. The first half of the year is devoted for complete dentures, while the second half is devoted for removable partial dentures.  The practical component covers the technical aspect of complete denture construction from the start to finish in the first half of the year and the technical aspect of removable partial denture construction in the second half of the year.

During the course, various exercises that simulate the clinical treatment of the patient are also employed.  The course in general is designed to prepare the student to understand the biological, mechanical as well as the aesthetic aspect of complete and partial denture treatment.


COURSE CREDIT   6 Credit Hours 

     2 Credit Hours:  Didactic: one hour lecture weekly for two semesters

     4 Credit Hours Practical : Six hours weekly for two semesters



1.                 The primary goal of this course is to familiarize the student with the biological and technical aspects of complete and removable partial dentures and their integration with the clinical procedures to be taught in the successive clinical prosthodontic courses.

2.                 The student should demonstrate the abilities and skills to do all the laboratory procedures related to the construction of complete dentures.

3.                 The student should be able to identify and describe the various components of a removable partial denture.

4.                 The student should be able to illustrate the basic knowledge of how to design a removable partial denture framework.

5.                 The student should demonstrate the basic knowledge and fundamentals of the various laboratory procedures related to the construction of a removable partial denture.        

6.                 The student should be able to identify the different materials, instruments and devices involved in the construction of complete and removable partial dentures as well as their uses.



1.         Continuous Assessment:  60%

a.      Didactic:  Three (3) Continuous Assessments = 30%

b.      Practical:  Five (5) Practical Assessments = 30%

2.         Final Examination:  40%

a.      Practical Examination = 10%

b.      Final Didactic Examination           = 30%


1.      A minimum of 75 percent attendance is compulsory in lectures as well as in practical sessions.

2.      Students are expected to complete each exercise by the assigned date.  (Late submission of laboratory projects will receive Less Marks).

3.      To obtain a passing grade in this course, the student must pass both Practical and Didactic separately.

4.      A Final Written and Practical Examinations will be held at the end of the Year.



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