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AGEN 439: Irrigation Water Resources Management and Development     2 (2+0+1)

     Water resources. Planning and management of irrigation water resources projects. Development of water resources. Water reservoirs. Water harvesting. Irrigation water conservation. GIS application for management and conservation of irrigation water. Field trips.

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AGEN 522: Advanced Surface Irrigation      3 (2+1)

     Different methods of surface irrigation. Hydraulics of flow through furrows and borders. Mathematical models for prediction of the ultimate distribution of the irrigation water between surface runoff, infiltration and evaporation. Application uniformity and efficiency. Computer programs for land leveling calculations for land leveling calculations for surface irrigation.

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AGEN 523: Management, Conservation and Distribution of Farm Irrigation Water      3 (2+1)

     Basic concepts and objectives of irrigation water management. Scheduling of irrigation to achieve specific objectives. Techniques for minimizing losses of irrigation water. Non-conventional sources for irrigation. Distribution, control and measurement devices. Design and construction of small farm reservoirs.

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