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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


1-      The clinically important diameter in pelvic inlet is

1-      True conjugate

2-      Obstetric conjugate

3-      Diagunal  conjugate

4-      All of the above



2-      Most common type of pelvis is

1-      Gynecoid

2-      Anthropoid

3-      Plathypelloid

4-      Android


3-      The narrowest diameter in the pelvis is

1-      Interspinous

2-      Anteroposterior  of mid pelvis

3-      Obstric conjugate


4-      Which statement is incorrect

1-      Adequacy of female pelvis for labor can be accurately assessed by CT scan

2-      Progress of labor is the true assessment of female pelvis

3-      Labor dystocia can caused by android pelvis

4-      Intra labor pelvic assessment can be done


5-      Commonest presentation during labor is

1-      Left occiput anterior position ( LOA)

2-      Right occiput anterior ( ROA)

3-      Occiput transverse (OT)

4-      Left occiput posterior (LOP)


6-      About breach presentation which is correct

1-      Beech presentation is the more common in primeparous

2-      Incomplete breach can’t be delivered vaginally

3-      Breach presentation can’t be diagnosed clinically

4-      All breech presentation should be delivered by C/S


7-      During labor

1-      Engagement occur when BPD reach the pelvic outlet

2-      Engagement always occur before onset of labor in prime

3-      If internal rotation to SP is 135 degree it will be OP

4-      If the head is flexed it will be face presentation


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