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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Student Projects:                                                                        

 Propagation of Arak Trees (Salvadora persica L.) by Tissue Culture.

 By: A.A. Al-hudaib

Dr. Y.S. Ali (Adviser)

Dr. A.E. Saeed (Co-Adviser)

 Effect of Seed Treatments and Sowing Media on Seed Germination and Growth of  Some Forest Trees.

By: S.S. Al-Subaiee

 Dr. T. Nassroon (Adviser) 

Dr. Y.S. Ali (Co-Adviser)                                                                                                 

 Effect of some Induction Treatments of Rooting of ber "Ziziphus jujube Mill" Stem Cuttings.

By: A.A. Al-Olyan

Dr. Y.S. Ali (Adviser)

Dr. M.H. Jamal (Co-Adviser)


Going on Research:

1- Studies on Converting Date Palm Leaves to a Growing Medium (compost) to Substitute for Peat Moss. Financed by Deanship of Scientific Research.


Research Ideas:

1- Studies on Indigenous Plants and Flowers of Saudi Arabia for use in Landscaping and other Uses.

2- Greenhouse Design and Direction for Saudi Arabia. 


Research Area of Interest:

1- Physiology and Production of Horticultural Plants.

2- Biotechnology (tissue culture).

3- Ornamental Plants and landscape Architecture.

4- Use of Indigenous Plants and Flowers of S.A. for Landscape and other Uses.

5- Greenhouse and Nursery Development.


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