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Predominant gender and cleft side in unilateral cleft lip and palate patients”


The objectives of this study were to determine if unilateral cleft of the lip and palate (UCLP) equally occurs in males and females, and to examine the prevalence of cleft-sidedness in UCLP subjects. Fifty-four subjects with UCLP were included for the purpose of this study, 33 males and 21 females, with an age range of 11-27 years old. Clinical examination, in addition to radiographs was taken for each subject. The results show that there was a male dominant tendency for UCLP (61.1%) compared with females (38.9%). When the side of the cleft was examined, the left side was predominantly affected in the combined male and female subjects (59.3%). When each gender was studied separately, female subjects with UCLP displayed clefting of the left side more so than the right (76.2% and 23.9%), while in males, clefting of the right and left side was almost equal if not slightly more predominant on the right (51.5% and 48.9%). We can conclude that UCLP affects males more so than females, and that left-sided involvement is more predominant in females, while in males, an almost equal distribution between right and left side is apparent.

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