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PDS 540, 548, 556

Orthodontic Seminars

Credit Hours: 12

These seminars are given throughout the three-year program. During the first year, the seminars will focus on the basics of orthodontics through a revision of various textbooks (Listed below). The student will learn about the development of the dentition, facial growth and development, tooth movement, etiology of malocclusion, classification of malocclusion, Cephalometrics and imaging including the use of the Dentofacial Planner, diagnostic procedures, orthodontic assessment, treatment objectives and treatment mechanics.

The second year seminars will focus on Dentofacial orthopedics and growth guidance, growth and treatment analysis, orthodontic materials, biomechanics of treatment and appliances, specific treatment procedures and multidisciplinary treatment. Orthognathic surgery, TMJ problems and cleft lip and palate cases and will also be discussed during these seminars, along with their management and treatment approaches. During the second year and the following year, numerous articles from reputable journals will be reviewed covering these topics.

Finally, in the last year, they will be given seminars on more advanced cases of orthodontic problems such as management of Dentofacial abnormalities and distraction osteogenesis. In addition, the students will review the most recent literature from various journals. The student at this stage should be able to discuss and understand the basics of orthodontics, diagnosis and treatment planning of orthodontic patients, the approach and management of these and difficult cases, and should have an insight at the progress and future of orthodontics.

Textbooks recommended for Orthodontic Seminars

1.      Problems & Procedures in Dentofacial Orthopedics “Management of Mixed Dentition & Intercuspation”. By Van Der Linden. Quintessence Book 1990.

2.      Orthodontics with Fixed Appliance “Presenting Cases & Their Treatment”. By Van Der Linden. Quintessence Book 1997.

3.      Functional Appliances in Orthodontic Treatment “Atlas of Clinical Prescription & Laboratory Construction”. By Harry S. Orton OBE. Quintessence Book 1990.

4.      The Principles & Procedure of Dentofacial Orthopedics. By Hugo Stockfish. Quintessence Book 1995.

5.      An Atlas & Manual of Cephalometric Radiograph. By Thomas Rakosi. Wolfe Med. Publis. Ltd. 1979.

6.      Radiography Cephalometry From Basics to Video imaging. By Alexander Jacobson. Quintessence Book 1995.

7.      Contemporary Orthodontics. By W. Proffit. Mosby 1993, Second edition.

8.      Biomechanics-Orthodontics. By Marcotte. BC Decker Publication 1990.

9.      An Atlas of Craniofacial Growth. By Riolo et al. Second Printing 1979.

10.  Science & Practice of Occlusion. By Charles McNeill. Quintessence Book 1997.

11.  Orthodontics for the TMJ-TMD Patients. By Duane Grummons. Wright & Co. 1994, First edition.

12.  Orthodontic Management of the Dentition with the Pre-adjusted Appliances. By John Bennett & McLaughlin. 1515 Medical Media 1997.

13.  Orthodontic & Orthopedic treatment in the Mixed Dentition. By J. McNamara & W. Brudon. Needham Press 1994, Fourth edition.

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