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Research Work
Thesis and Dissertation
Ashaghathra, Saleh M. December 2003.  Optimizing a Texas industrial Remcor solenoid valve for pulse-width modulation applications. M.S. thesis, Oklahoma State University, USA
Ashaghathra, Saleh M. May 2008.  Identification of Pecan Weevils through Image Processing,  Ph.D. dissertation, Oklahoma State University, USA
Saleh M.A Ashaghathra, Paul Weckler, John Solie, Marvin Stone, Astri Wayadande. 2007. Identifying Pecan Weevils through Image Processing Techniques Based on Template Matching, 2007 ASAE Annual Meeting  073045.
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Saleh M. Ashaghathra and  P. Weckler, Oklahoma State University. Multi-method recognition of pecan weevils.  Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition (AIPR) 2007 workshops 
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