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AGEN 220: Mechanization of Farm Operations     

Introduction to farm mechanization and power sources in the farm. Engine types and parts. Tractor main components. Implements. Planters. Growing crop machines. Harvesting machines. Operation and maintenance of farm machines.


 AGEN 427: Management and Operation of Agricultural Equipment    

Tractor and implement sizing ad selection.  Cost of owing and operating agricultural tractors and machinery.  Principle of economic performance of farm power and machinery: machine performance, power performance, operator performance.  Machinery operations and adjustments. Safety in tractor ad machinery operation. Computer applications. Field trips.


  AGEN 491: Graduation Project I

The objective of the project is to apply the engineering aspects in planning, designing, or developing of agricultural or biological system, or evaluating existing projects. An engineering report will then be written.  In the first part (Graduation project I), the topic will be selected and all necessary information will be collected. Two chapters of the report and the primary results should be submitted.

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  AGEN 492: Graduation Project II

Continuation of the graduation project I, including: performing the project, completion of the report and finally presenting and defending the project.

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