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Course title I. : Vocabulary 1, Contact hours: 2


Textbook: Stuart Redman, English Vocabulary in Use: Pre-intermediate and Intermediate, New Edition, 2003.

Content and Objectives

Vocabulary One introduces students to word class, sound and word pronunciation, and word meaning in context. It concentrates on word formation, collocations, some phrasal verbs, and some basic functions and notions. It also draws attention to degrees of formality in language use.    



To pronounce sounds and words correctly

To learn phonetic symbols

To develop efficient dictionary use

To improve students’ spelling and pronunciation

To learn word formation in English

To learn basic notions and functions in English

To learn basic collocation and fixed expressions



Weekly Schedule

Week One:                 Phonemic Symbols (p. 242)

                                    Pronunciation Problems (p. 243)

Week Two                  Units 3, 4: Using a dictionary; English language words

Week Three               Units 6, 7, 8: Prefixes; Noun suffixes; Adjective suffixes

Week Four                 Units 9, 10, 11: Nouns and verbs with the same form; Compound nouns; Compound adjectives

Week Five                  Units 12, 13, 14: Collocation; Idioms and fixed expressions; Verb/adjective + preposition

Week Six                    Units 15, 16, 17: Preposition + noun; Apologies, excuses and thanks; Requests, invitations and suggestions

Midterm test


Week Seven               Units 23, 24: Phrasal verbs, form and meaning; Phrasal verbs, grammar and style

Week Eight                Units 34, 35, 37: Verb + -ing form or infinitive; Verb patterns; Prepositions

Week Nine                 Units 39, 40, 42: Time and sequence; Addition and contrast; Reason, purpose, result, condition

Week Ten                   *Units 54, 55: The place where you live; Around the home

Midterm test


Week Eleven              *Units 65, 66: City life; Life in the country

Week Twelve             *Units 89, 90: Air-travel; Hotels and restaurants

Week Thirteen           Units 94, 95, 96: Numbers; Distance, size and dimension; Shapes, colors, and patterns

Week Fourteen          Units 98: Formal and informal English

Final exam


Note: Colleagues are invited at the beginning of every semester to introduce from the same textbook alternative units particularly for the asterisked Units. This is to achieve better results and to make the course more interesting for the repeaters.


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