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Course number & Code : Najd 171

Course title: Speaking I (Level one)/ Contact hours: 3


-Chapters to be covered: 8 to 10


Content and objectives

The speaking component is designed to equip the students with pre-intermediate conversational skills. Its primary objective is to get students to speak and to communicate fluently and accurately without inhibition. Its secondary objectives are to develop the students’ ability in making sentences, asking questions and to improve their pronunciation and vocabulary. The following topics for speaking are recommended: 1.introducing oneself. 2. Talking with friends about the weather, the seasons. 3. Telling stories of childhood. 4. Talking about social activities at home, at school, at college, or at work. 5. Discussing issues related to nature. In addition to the above topics, where the student expresses himself/herself and talks about issues that are close to his heart and mind, it is recommended that role play and certain other simulations be undertaken. These may include: 6. Making a phone call. 7. Describing locations. 8. Interviewing potential flat mates. 9. Ordering in a restaurant. 10. Booking a room in hotel. 11. Talking to customs. 12. Returning items and getting a refund.  

Skills and strategies

Using appropriate paralinguistic expressions while speaking

Making requests, answering requests

Apologizing, refusing, complaining

Contributing to opening and closing moves in exchanges

Making invitations and declining invitations

Using some very brief written notes when speaking

Managing to maintain one’s audience interested

Giving instructions

Respecting the principles of politeness and using appropriate politeness formulae



Use of appropriate modal auxiliaries

Use of tenses for narration, description, persuasion, exposition, and instruction

Appropriate use of prepositions, adjectives and adverbs

Good use of hesitation, fillers, tags, and short forms

Ability to sound formal, informal, joking, jovial, sad, depressed, etc.

Use of idiomatic expression appropriately

Use of paraphrase, circumlocution, borrowing, and translation as achievement strategies


Weekly Schedule

Weeks 1 to 2:

Chapter One:                School Life Around the World

Weeks 3 to 4:

Chapter Two:               Experiencing Nature

Weeks 5 to 6

Chapter Three              Living to Eat or Eating to Live

Midterm Test


Weeks 7 to 8

Chapter Four:               In the Community

Weeks 9 to 10           

Chapter Five                Home

Weeks 11 to 12

Chapter Six:                 Cultures of the World

Midterm Test


Week 13

Chapter Seven: Health

Week 14

Chapter 11                   Science and Technology

Final Exam    


Note: Teachers are very much encouraged engage their students in the speaking activities the textbook provides. They are also encouraged to give students chances to express themselves and to take part in as many simulation and role-play activities as possible. Systematic correction of grammar and pronunciation is not very much recommended.   



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