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PLPT   261      General Pesticides                                         3 (2+1)

            Classification of pesticides based on their usage (Insecticide, Nematocide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Rodenticide, Mulascicide and Recent Biopesticides). Chemical groups, structure, formulation and methods of application.  Bioassay tests and formulation stability.

PLPR  345      Weeds and their Control                               2 (1+1)

            Second half of the course: Importance of chemical control of the weeds in different crops.  Factors affecting the performance of herbicides (time and type of applications). Herbicides used for the control of weeds in certain crops.

PLPT   405      Field Training                                                 3 (0+3)

            This course is designed to train the students to face the professional life by learning practical aspects in plant diseases protection in and outside the department in government and private agencies.

PLPT   460      Pesticides Formulation and Application                    3 (2+1)

            Types of pesticide formulations, adjuvant, application, equipment, and calibrations.  Application techniques and calibration for mixing and application rate of pesticide.  Pesticide transportation, handling, storage and disposals.  Evaluation of Pesticide application methods.

PLPT   503      Pesticides and the Environment        (2 credit-hours).

            The Agro-ecosystem. Mutual effects of pesticides and the environments. Hazards of pesticides to wildlife, man and farm animals pesticide registration, storage, disposal and handling precautions. (Prerequisite: PLPT    261).

PLPT   509      Formulation of Pesticides                  (2 credit-hours)

            Physicochemical characteristics of pesticides formulation. Role of the formation adjuvants, factors affecting, pesticides efficacy and time of activity. Controlled release formations. (Prerequisite PLPT   460).

PLPT   532      Pest Resistance to Pesticides           (1 credit-hour)

            Differences between resistance and tolerance. Types and degrees of pest resistance to pesticides. Causes and remedy. Case-study of resistance developed in some important pests. (Prerequisite PLPT   511).

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