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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Name: Abudlmajeed Abdulrahman Aldarwish


-    In 1410 A. H., I got my bachelor's degree from Alimam University, Alshareea College. "Religious College"

-    In 1414 A. H., I got my master's degree in "The Compared Islamic Jurisprudence" from the Higher Institute of judging, which is supervised by Alimam University. "The Compared Islamic Jurisprudence Department"

-    In 1422 A. H., I got my doctorate in "The Compared Islamic Jurisprudence" from the Higher Institute of judging. "The Compared Islamic Jurisprudence Department"


I have been in the field of teaching from 1414 A. H. until now. In 1414 A. H. I was a teacher in Jubail. Then, in 1416 A. H, I worked in The Public Institution for Artistic Tuition and Vocational Training in the Royal Industrial Institute, and I was assigned to head the Islamic Culture Department and Arabic Language in the institute, in addition to teach religious and Arabic courses. In 1418 A. H. I was assigned a docent in the College of Education in King Saud University. In 1423 A. H., I was assigned an associate professor in the College of Education. And I engaged in many committees of the department, and I am teaching now the religious courses in my department, and preparing the scientific studies for publishing.

Attending Colloquiums:

-         I engaged in international colloquiums:

1-    The international colloquium. (Muslim Women's Issues between the originality of Islamic legislation, and the brilliancy of newcomer cultures)

2-    The third international colloquium. (The Arabic Islamic Sciences, and Miracles of The Quran and Sunna in the past and present days.)

Works and Researches:

-         An explanation of Kings' Gift by Ibn Malk. -studying & examination -

-         Oral Crimes that are Actionable to Reprimand.

-         Justification for Separation from a Spouse Because of Contagious Disease. (published research)

-         Punishment of Drinking Alcohol. (published research)


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