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Multiple choice questions sample for students:


1.     Select the CORRECT statement about acne complications:

a.     Acne scar is the most common complication of acne

b.     Postinflammatory hypopigmentation is more common than postinflammatory hyperpigmentation

c.      Acne scars are easily treated

d.     Rolling scar is the most serious type

e.      Ice-pick scar is the most difficult to manage


2.     Which of the following acne scars is considered the most superficial:

a.     Rolling scar

b.     Icepick scar

c.      Boxcar

d.     Hypertrophic scar

e.      None of the above


3.     Select the false statement about acne :

a.     It is usually diagnosed clinically

b.     Females have tendency for more severe disease

c.      It might be psychosocially malignant

d.     It may herald hormonal disturbances

e.      It progresses from a mild disease to a severe one


4.     Which of the following is characteristic for telagiectatic Rosacea:

a.     Papule

b.     Comedone

c.      Pustule

d.     nodule

e.      Erythematous patche


5.     Choose the INCORRECT statement about Perioral dermatitis:

a.     Papulopustular eruption

b.     Progresses to acne in few cases

c.      Possibly related to application of topical steroids

d.     Perioral distribution

e.      Responsive to topical and systemic antibiotics


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