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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


Head of Psychology Department 

Fahd Abdullah AdDileym, Ph.D.

Current Job


·         Psychology Department. King Saud University.

Professional Experience

1975                                  King Faisal Air Academy                         Riyadh, KSA

·         Demonstrator: Counseling – College of Education.


1976                                    King Faisal University                        Dammam, KSA

·         Demonstrator: Counseling- College of Education.

1985                                        King Faisal University                              Dhahran, KSA

·                   Assistant Professor: Counseling – College of Education.


1986 –1994                             Mental Health Hospital                              Taif, KSA

·                   Director General


1995 – 1997                        Ministry of Health                                  Riyadh, KSA

·         Director of Mental Health Administration



1975                                        King Saud University                                  Riyadh, KSA

·         Bachelor of Arts, Education.


1982                                  Western Michigan University                Michigan, USA

·         Masters, Counseling Psychology.


1985                                 Western Michigan University                Michigan, USA

·         Doctorate, Counseling Psychology.


1994                                 Johns Hopkins University                       Baltimore, USA

·         Hubert Humphrey Scholarship: Drug and  substance abuse research.


Scientific Activities

·         Translation of Books:

1.        Introduction to Personality Theories.                               1991

2.        Family Counseling and Therapy.                                       2005

·         Authorship:                                                                                          1988

  - Essentials and Concepts of Evaluation and Measurement.

·         Researches & Studies:

1.        Psychological Disorders Among Non-Saudis                                       1989

2.        Psychological and Social Characteristics of Substance Abuse            1990

3.        Depression among Saudis & Americans; A Comparative Study           1989

4.        A follow-up of Discharged Mental Health Patients                              1992

5.        Reasons for the Long Stay of Patients in the Mental Health Hospital 1994

6.        Management of Substance Abuse in Saudi Arabia                               1999

7.        Contributing Factors to the Relapse of Substance Abusers                 2000

8.        Counseling Practices used in School Counseling                                 2001

9.        Barriers to the Applications of Group Counseling & Psychotherapy  2002

10.     The Reality of Psychological Evaluation in School Counseling          2003

11.     The Relationship between Anxiety and Parental Treatment Styles     2003

12.     Social Skills of Schizophrenic Patients                                                 2005

·        Participation and Attending various seminars, symposiums, and conferences; USA, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland, Egypt, and some Gulf states.

·        Supervision and editing of the Mental Health Section of AlJazira Daily Newspaper ((1990)).

·        Standardization of three Psychological tests; anxiety, depression, and psychological security ((1994)).

·        Preparation of reference framework of school counseling in the Gulf States ((2004)).

·        Supervising and discussion of many thesis and dissertations.





Membership of Councils and Committees

1.        Member of College of Education Counsel                              

2002 – 2004                       King Saud University                           Riyadh, KSA

2.        Member of Deanship Graduate Studies                      

2002 – 2004                       King Saud University                           Riyadh, KSA                               

3.        Member of Educational Research Center

2000-04                              King Saud University                           Riyadh, KSA 

4.        National Coordinator of the Committee of Primary Mental Health Care

1995 – 2004                          Ministry of Health                               Riyadh, KSA

5.        Secretary General of The Saudi Physical Education Federation  

2000 – present                                SPEF                                           Riyadh, KSA

6.        Full member of the American Psychological Association

1988 – present                                  APA                            Washington D.C., USA                        

7.        Full Member of the Saudi Educational and Psychological Sciences Association.

1989 – present                               SEPSA                                             Riyadh, KSA                       

8.        Fellow Member of Down Syndrome Charitable Association

2005 – 2006                                   DSCA                                              Riyadh, KSA

   9.    Editor - in - chief of Journal of King Saud University Educational Sciences and Islamic Studies.




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