Sample Questions:

In the autonomic nervous system (ANS), preganglionic nerve fibers release:
     a.  Adrenaline
     b.  Acetylcholine
     c.  Nor-adrenaline
     d.  Histamine

The adrenal medulla is an integral part of:
     a.  Parasympathetic nervous system
     b.  Somatic nervous system
     c.  Sympathetic nervous system
     d.  None of the above

The neurotransmitter released from the nerve at the neuromuscular junction is:
     a.  Histamine
     b.  Acetylcholine (Ach)
     c.  Nicotine
     d.  Noradrenaline

The functional (contractile) unit of skeletal muscle is:
     a.  The sarcoplasmic reticulum
     b.  The sarcomere
     c.  Sarcolemma
     d.  Actin

The repolarization phase of the action potential is due to:
     a.  Opening of Cl channels
     b.  Opening of Ca channels
     c.  Opening of Na channels
     d.  Opening of K channel