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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة



Name  : Ali Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Gsair

Qualifications : Participant Professor

Faculty   : Education

Department   : Arabic Culture

Specialization  : Jurisprudence

E-mail  :

Office Tel. : 4674693


Published Researches:

1.     Impact Ability on Deputyship in Pilgrimage: published in Research Center of Faculty of Education.

2.     Thesis Investigation: Understandable Views to Apply Obligations written by Taqi Al-Deen Al-Soubki: published in Contemporary Doctrine Researches Magazine.

3.     Gain (Its Essence, Judgment, Regulations, Intentions): published in King Saud University Magazine.

4.     Toufi's Method in Ramifying Doctrine Branches on Linguistic Foundations from the book Angry Revolution Replying on Those Who Deny Arabic Language: published in Derai'a Magazine.

5.     Winning the Financial Right (Its Judgment and Regulations): published in Islamic Studies in Pakistan.

6.     The Impact of Physical Ability on the Right to Get Zakat.


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