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    C.V (2009)


Name                :  Dr.  ALI KHALID REFAI BDS, MSc, PhD, OM cer, GPR cer

Current Address :  King Saud University, College of Dentistry
                           P.O. Box 60169
                           Riyadh 11545
                           Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
                           Telephone No.  : 966-1- 4677435
E-mail Address   :





Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), The University of King Saud , Riyadh, Sausi Arabia (1995), With "very good" pass.


Internship: One year at the school of Dentistry. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1996)




PhD in Dental Science “ Dental Implant and cell behaviour” in July 20. 09


Certificate in diagnostic science and oral medicine accredited by American Academy of Oral Medicine from University of Missouri- Kansas City School of Dentistry (2001)


Certificate in General Program Residency in hospital dentistry accredited by American Dental Association from University of Missouri- Kansas City School of Dentistry  and Truman Medical center – East (GPR/ 1999)


Master of Science of Oral Biology from University of Missouri- Kansas City School of Dentistry (2001)







Certificate in dental education and appreciation for contribution in the education of dental student, from Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia. (2001/2002 and 2002/ 2003)


Certificate in Laboratory Biological Safety from Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia 2003. Department of health, safety and enviroment


Certificate in Chemical Safety from Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia 2003. Department of health, safety and environment.


Licensed as a health care provider in both CPR and ACLS ( 1999 and 2000)


Continuous dental education 


The World Of oral medicine 55th   annual meeting in Montréal Canada 2001 (AAOM)

Controversies in oral medicine 54th  annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV, USA 2000 (AAOM)  

6 credit hours course on cone beam computed tomography 2009 April

Educational course on "an introduction to clinical proteomics " workshop, oct 2008

Workshop in quality assurance in dental education April 2007 

 Workshop In dental caries research chair march 2009

 Continuous seminars On dental management of medically compromised patient done by me 2008

Implant training Workshop on " all ceramic restoration " noble bio-care 2008 4 hrs credit

Implant training Workshop on " surgical training " noble bio-care 2008 6 hrs credit

Implant training Workshop on " effective teaching " noble bio-care 2008 5 hrs credit




The Robert I Schattenr Award for presenting the outstanding presentation in oral medicine at the 55th annual meeting May 31.2001 from American Academy of oral medicine in Montréal Canada


Award of Excellence, PhD student awards from UBC graduate study,  2004 and 2005.







Ali K. Refai,1 Marcus Textor,2 Donald M. Brunette,1 J. Douglas Waterfield1

Effect of titanium surface topography on macrophage activation and secretion of proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines.


1Department of Oral and Biological Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia, 2199 Wesbrook

Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6T 1Z3, Canada

2Department of Materials, Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,

CH-8092, Zurich, Switzerland

Received 27 January 2004; accepted 25 February 2004

Published online 7 June 2004 in Wiley InterScience ( DOI: 10.1002/jbm.a.30075


This paper was cited ( > 40 times) since August 2004 by many scholars from different disciplines including biomaterials , Biomedical science and Nanomedcine, and posted at the cytokines web site and other biotechnology sites ( Check google and pubmed)


Retrospective study of thirty-five cases of oral cancer in Gizan region, Saudi Arabia

Oral surg, oral med, oral pathol. Oral radio. Endod ( Abstract). 89 (4): 447, 2000

Presented in the 54th  annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV, USA 2000 (American Academy of Oral Medicine,AAOM)


Detection of Human Papillomavirus DNA Genome by In Situ Hybridization in oral premalignant and malignant lesions among shamma users from Saudi Arabia

Presented in the 55th   annual meeting in Montréal Canada 2001 (American Academy of Oral Medicine, AAOM) and got the Award (Robert I Schattenr Award)


The Role of Shamma in the Incidence of Oral Cancer in the Gizan population of Saudi Arabia: A Case Control Study.  Presented in American Association of Dental research (AADR) Chicago, Mar 7-10 2001 and published in AADR journals (Abstract)


Oral health status of primary dentition among 551 children aged 6 to 8 years in Jazan Saudi Arabia. Saudi Dent J 12(2); May- August 2000



Clinical Experience and work


I worked in School of dentistry in Riyadh as a clinical instructor for two years.

I worked in king fahad hospital in jizan where I saw several patient complaining from oral cancer and precancerous lesion due to habitually used of smokeless tobacco known locally as Shamma

In Truman medical center-East during my hospital dentistry residency where I managed and treated medically compromised patient in dental chair and operating room.

In School of dentistry at UMKC where I treat patient with oral lesions and systemic diseases and provide dental care

In Truman medical center west where I managed Oro-facial pain and TMD.

In Kansas university medical center, Kansas City, Kansas at the department of ENT where I attend the tumor biology board and managed patient pre and post radiation therapy.

In Baptist Hospital where I treated and managed geriatric patient with systemic diseases

Management of patient needing full mouth rehabilitation under conscious sedation and general anesthesia in operating room


Currently, I am a in a process of being Assistant professors and oral medicine and hospital dentistry specialist at the department of maxillofacial surgery and diagnostic sciences, school of dentistry, King Saud University.


Implant : Clinical and Research experience à Steri oss dental implant and SLA ITI foundation


Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patient According to Update Information with collaboration of School of dentistry in North American à 2008 & 2009


Lab Experience


In Situ hybridization (Biotinylated DNA probe)

Using Microscopy including (light, dark field, con-focal, Scanning electronic microscopy)

Cell culture and co-culture techniques (macrophages and osteoblasts)

ELISA assay R&D system

ALP Assay sigma system

Bone nodules Assays using tetracycline and Alzarin red

Implant surfaces from epoxy resin


DAPI probe

Creating experimental models

Cell behavior and movements in substratum




Using Spss software for biostat- three month experience in computer based

Using NIH program to measure and calculate particulates

Using oral dyskinesia program to assist cell movements


Research interests


Epidemiology of oral cancer and smokeless tobacco in Saudi Arabia

Biology of oral cancer

Cytokines and chemokines at wounding after biomaterial implantation

The role of macrophages in endosseous wound healing

Phosphotyrosin and cell signaling cascades




Literature Review

Evidence based medicine and its role in the modern practice and teaching of dentistry

Interesting  in mind mapping dentistry







Teaching post graduate Doctors in Operative and pediatric dentistry Oct 2009.


Course director of 441 MDS  in 2008 and developed, augmented, and improved teaching skillsà created 3S Refai curve. Teaching expertise


Course directors 242 MDS


Course contributors in 341 MDS, 421 MDS, and 441 MDS


Involved in both Clinical and theoretical part of each course


Developed new topics of updated dentistry as seminars for five years


Supervisor students in 5th year in report developing and writing


Help the students in presentation and seminars


Providing appropriate dental care for patients and discuss the outcome  with students




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