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Curriculum  Vitae


Omar- ALmarzougi


Academic Qualifications

A- Academic Degrees:

1-   Bachelor of Islamic Economy-Oum Al-Qura University 2/9/1405 H.

2-   Master of Islamic Economy-Oum Al-Qura University 24/10/1409 H. Thesis "Trade among Islamic nations and ways of development"

3-   PhD of Islamic Economy-Oum Al-Qura University 14/5/1416 H.Thesis"Economic subordination of the Arab Countries and  how to solve it through the Islamic Economy"

B-   Courses

1-Economic Analysis in the Institute of Public Administration in Riyadh-1410 H.

2-A course in the Economic Institute in Colorado  in the U.S.A. from August 1992  to August 1993.

3-Participated in the Application series ( Financial Analysis and Programming) executed by the Public Administration Institute cooperating with the International Monetary Fund in Riyadh in 1412 H.



Academic Yield :

        1-The research "Direct Foreign Investment from an Islamic view" that was judged and admitted In the "Foreign investment and finance in the Islamic world"Al-Azhar University-Cairo-Feb2003.


        2-The research "Richness Economics in Islam" published in Education Faculty Research Center-King Saud University-Riyadh 1423 H.


         3-"Inheritance Economics in Islam" published in the magazine of aleh Kamel for Islamic Economy –Al-Azhar University-Cairo-fifth year 1422 H.


         4-"Economic Activity through an Islamic view-Legislature and Islamic Studies magazine-Kuwait university-sixteenth year1422


          5-"Foreign Gifts according to Islamic Legislature"published in Educationand Islamic Studies magazine-King Saud University-Riyadh

           6-"Economic System in Islam"book published by Alrushd book shop-Riyadh 1427H.


7-"Economic subordination of the Arab Countries and  how to solve it through the Islamic Economy" published by by Alrushd book shop-Riyadh 1428.


Career History


1-Participating Professor-Islamic studies Dept . Faculty   of education-King Saud university in 6/3/1424 H.


2-Assistant professor –King Saud university 18/4/1417 H.


3-Economic specialist-ninth rank in the ministry of finance and national economy  2/11/1414 H.


4-   Economic specialist-eighth rank –ministry of finance , Joining  date  4/4/1411 H      

5-   Economic Researcher , Seventh rank , Ministry of Finance , Joining Date 13/5/1410 H


Email :

Office telephone 01-4674728 




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