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 CV (English)




Personal Data:


  • Family Name :        AlZahem
  • First Name    :        Abdulrahman
  • Date of Birth :        November 20, 1971
  • Place of Birth :        Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Nationality    :        Saudi
  • Languages    :        Arabic/English
  • Marital Status:         Single



Summary of Qualification:


  • M.B., B.S.
  • FRCS(C) - Adult General Surgery
  • FRCS(C) - Pediatric General Surgery
  • MS -   Master of Surgery (Pediatric Surgery)




  • Assistant Professor and Consultant Pediatric surgeon

Division of Pediatric Surgery, Department of Surgery

College of Medicine & King Khalid University Hospital

King Saud University

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia




  • M.B., B.S. with honorable degree, March 1995

King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


  • Internship Certificate-March 1996
      • 3 months in General Surgery including Pediatric surgery
      • 3 months in General Pediatrics
      • 3 months in Internal Medicine
      • 3 months in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Residency Programs:
      • Local General Surgery Program-including 3 months of Pediatric Surgery (April 1996-May 1997, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia).


      • General Surgery training program including 6 months of Pediatric Surgery (July 1997-June 2002, Edmonton, AB, Canada).


  • Pediatric Surgical Fellowship (July 2002-September 2005, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney, Australia).


  • Consultant Pediatric Surgeon at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney, Australia, September 2005-August 2006).


  • Master of Surgery Degree (July 2004-July 2006, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia)



Academic Activities:


  • Teaching fellows, residents and medical students
  • Participating in surgical grand rounds
  • Attending several local and international meetings
  • Participating in evidence based medicine workshops and other workshops in my field.





  • Alzahem A. Shun A. Routine contralateral orchiopexy for children with a vanished testis.  Eur J Pediatr Sur 2006; 16: 334-336.


  • Alzahem A, Arbuckle S, Cohen R.  Combined ileal heterotopic pancreatic and gastric tissues causing ileocolic intussusception in an infant.  Pediatr Surg Int 2006; 22: 297-299.


  • Alzahem A, Soundappan SV, Jefferies H, Cass D. Ingested magnets and its gastrointestinal complications. J Paediatr Child Health 2007; 43(6): 497-498.


  • Alzahem A, Cass D.  Animal models of aganglionosis in:  Holschneider A, Puri P, editors.  Hirschsprung’s disease and allied disorders.  New York: Thieme-Stratton Inc., 2007 (3rd edition).


  • Alzahem A.  Epidemiology and injury patterns of motorcycle crashes [MS dissertation].  Sydney (NWS): University of Sydney 2005.


  • Alzahem A, Stevenson M, Cass D.  Epidemiology of motorcycle related injuries in Sydney, Australia.  MJA (in press).


  • Al-Alaiyan S, Alzahem A, Hassaneen G. Hereditary multiple intestinal atresia: Successful treatment by seven end-to-end anastomoses. J Pediatr Surg (in press).


  • Alzahem A, Croaker D, Cass D. Total colonic aganglionosis (ongoing).


  • Alzahem A, Croaker D, Cass D. Update on genetics of Hirschsprung’s disease (ongoing).


  • Alzahem A, Aljazaeri A, Alfaleh K. Systematic review of laparoscopic versus open inguinal herniotomy in infants and children (ongoing).


  • Aljazaeri A, Alshehri A, Alzahem A. The effects of delayed pyloromyotomy on the outcome of infants with hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (ongoing).


Future Plan:


  • I would like to contribute to the development of the pediatric surgery field at national level with special emphasis on research, postgraduate education, and evidence based surgery.





  1. Cass, Danny

Head, Department of Academic Surgery

Locked Bag 4001

Westmead NSW 2145, Australia



  1. Pitkin, John

Pediatric Surgeon

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Locked Bag 4001

Westmead NSW 2145, Australia


  1. Shun, Albert

Head, Department of Surgery

Locked Bag 4001

Westmead NSW 2145, Australia


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