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أسئلة شائعة

434  PHG

Description of course:

             The course covers the methods and techniques employed for screening medicinal plants for their bioactive constituents. It also discussed recent developments regarding methods of extraction, isolation, purification and spectroscopic identification of plant bioactive constituents. The following subject will be covered:

General concepts, medicinal plants information sources, phytochemical screening, screening for bioactive plant constituents, specific extraction procedures, applications of chromatographic separation techniques, characterization of the active constituents by physical and chemical methods. Application of spectroscopic techniques for identification of the isolated compounds and interpretation of their spectral data. The course also will deal with the different methods for evaluation of herbal products and drugs derived from them as started in the pharmacopeias. In addition, the methods of detection of foreign matters and impurities will be covered.



Course syllabus:


Introduction: 4hrs

-General concepts

-Medicinal plants information sources


Phytochemical study:

-Selection of plant material for study

-Preparation of plant materials

-Effective extraction


Biological screening: 3 hrs

-Types of assays

-Common assays for natural products

-Problems in screening of plant materials

-High throughput screening assays

- Biologically directed phytochemical study


Purification and isolation of active constituents: 5 hrs

-Physical methods

-Chemical methods

chromatographic methods


Methods of identification and structural elucidation: 8 hrs

-Physical methods

-Chemical methods

- chromatographic methods


Evaluation of herbal products: 8 hrs

-Methods of identifications

-Detection of foreign matters

-Assay methods for active constituents

-Safety measures



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