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Opto 456, Contact Lenses 3


 2 hours (Theory) + 1 hour (Practice)

 This course is the final part of the three contact lenses courses designed for Optometry students. It covers the following topics:

-         Toric contact lenses.

-         Contact lenses for Aphakia.

-         Contact lenses for preschool children.

-         Contact lens for ocular cosmetic purposes.

-         Contact lens complications.


Moreover, this course includes presentation by students on selected contact lens complications as shown below:


Students’ Presentation on Contact Lens complications

Group 1



Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)


3 & 9 o’clock staining


Corneal Neovascularisation

Group 2 



Corneal Edema


Conjunctival (Bulbar) Hyperemia


Epithelial Microcysts


Epithelial Staining


Presentation and note should include the following topics:

1-     Definitions.

2-     Prevalence.

3-     Signs and symptoms.

4-     Management.

5-     Prognosis for recovery.

6-     References.


1-     Presentation period: 10 –20 minutes including discussion.

2-     Power point program is preferred in presentation.

3-     Presentation must be in form of points (short sentences) and the presenters talk in details about each point. Full details should be found in the handout notes.

4-     Handout notes:

o       Must be submitted to the course tutor before Tuesday ………  for group 1 and Tuesday …….. for group 2.

o       4-6 pages including pictures and references.

o       Font size: 14

o       Spacing: 1 ½ lines.

o       Front page should include: name, number and title.

All the best..

Dr. M. Abahussin


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