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أسئلة شائعة




1.    Attended" Introduction To Nanofluidics",Miramare ,Treiste,Italy,2007.

2.     Attended" Partial Differential Equations in Modern Mathematical

 Physics and applied Mathematics ,King Abdul-Aziz City for       Science and Technology2007.

3.     Attended "Material Science: Silicon ,Properties and Applications" Kacst,2007.

4.      Attended "  Mathematical Methods in Dynamics"Kacst,2007.

5.     Attended" Partial Differential Equations in Modern Mathematical Physics and applied Mathematics" ,Kacst,2007.

6.     Attended"  K.S.U.,2007".

7.     Attended" Quantum Information Processing "Kacst,2007

8.     Attended Second Arab conference of Biophysics and mathematical Modelling,Egypt,2007.

9.      Attended  Computation and Modeling Methods and Applications,Kacst,2007.

10.         Attended the ninth Rochester conference on coherence and quantum optics (CQO9) of the international conference on quantum information (ICQI) university Rochester campus, Rochester, New York ,U.S.A,2007.

11.        Attended "Quantum Optics",Germany ,2006.

12.        Attended"Artificial Black Holes Experiment " France,2005.

13.         Committee for the meetings of Nobel Laureates in Lindau (55th Meeting of Nobel Prize Winners in Lindau), Noble preistr agertagungen in landau,Germany , 2005.

14.        Attended:"The Risk of Genetic Cancer" King Faisal Specialist And Research Centre,2004.

15.         Attended What we want from the society and what the society wants from the educational people,2003.

16.         Attended the work shop" What is the benefits from treating by rays",K.F.S.H.R.C.,2002.

17.         Attended the work shop "Chest Image",K.F.S.H.R.C.,2001.

18.         Attended the work shop" Bells labs 2001"Riyadh.

 19.        Attended program to progress science and Mathematics technology in Saudi Arabia,2000.

20.        Attended "The First Islamic Conference For Ministers of High Studies and Scientific 2000.


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