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Mathematical Physics


Phys 501

2 hrs for 501

40 degrees  for med semesters

60 degrees for final exam



First order differential equations

Separation of variables

Homogeneous first order equation

Equation tends to homogeneous and separable

Exact equation

Solving exact equation

Integrating factor

First order linear differential equation

Bernoulli's equation

Equation tends to homogeneous and separable

First and higher order differential equations

Factoring the left member

Solving by using dependent variable X

Solving by using parametric equation

Solving by using independent variable Y

Eliminating independent variable

Dependent variable missing

independent variable missing

Second order linear differential equation

Linear homogeneous

General solution of a nonhomogeneous equation

Linear equation with constant  coefficient

Inverse differential equation

Variation of parameter

Cauchy equation (an euler-cauchy equation)    



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 501 Descriptions and References



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