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PHYS 497 Nuclear Physics Laboratory (2 credit hours)


Phys 497

2hrs for 497

30 degrees for theoretical reports

70 degrees for experimental


Geiger Counter

Absorption of Nuclear Radiation

Counting Statistics

Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Using NaI (TL) and (SCA)

Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Using NaI (TL) and (MCA)

B-Ray Spectrum Using Magnetic Spectrometer

B-Ray Spectrum Using (MCA)

Neutron Diffusion

Study of a-particle Spectra.

Gamma-Spectra Measurements with Paraffin Surrounding the source


GLEN F. Knoll,Radiation detection and measurement,3rd edition,John Wiley,2000.

المراجع العربية

د. محمد فاروق أحمد  و د. أحمد محمد السريع  "أسس الفيزياء الإشعاعية" ، مطابع جامعة الملك سعود ، 1429

د.مريم العتيق  و د. محمد الدغمة "دليل المعمل في العلوم النووية" ، مطابع جامعة الفاتح ، 1992م




King Saud University

Physics Department


497 Phys

3 hours

Final Exam


1st questions


What is the correct relation which describe the rank of the radiation from law frequency to high frequency

a.X-ray,Visible light ‹ Microwave

b.Ultraviolet,Visible light,Gamma ray.

c. Microwave ,Visible light,Gamma ray


What is the name of the radiation coming from radioactive material


b.Alpha ray

c.Gamma ray


The four ionizing radiation are

a.Cosmic ray,muons ,Gamma ray ,neutron.

b.Alpha and Beta particles , muons ,,cosmic rays.

c.Alpha and beta particles ,neutrons gamma rays ,

d.Non of the above.


Which radiation does not have charge and mass

a.Alpha particles,X-rays.

b.Alpha and beta Particles.

c.Beta particles ,X-rays.

d.X-rays and Gamma rays.

e.Non of the above.


Regular electron coming out from the nucleus in case of exciting atom

a. Alpha particles.

b.Beta particles.


d.Gamma ray.

e.Non of the above.


In atomic process to capture electron the proton transfer to neutron ,what is the name of the radiation  coming out

a. Alpha particles.

b.Beta particles.

c.Characteristic X-ray.

d.UV light.

e.All of the above


What is the time we need to transfer 5mg from Co59 (2020 days) to 2.5 mg

a.3030 days.

b.4040 days.

c.8080 days.

d.16200 days.

e.2020 days.

 2nd question:

Beta spectrum is it linear or continuous?

Is yhere any relation between Gamma radiation and mass no. for the absorber material explain?

 3rd question

How can we say that radioactive is random process prove that?

Explain Bragg curve with drawing?

 4th question

Define every term

Radiation- radioactive- dead time- half life time


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