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Name: Awatif Ahmed Hendi

Place of Birth : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Gender: Female.

Nationality: Saudi.


Tel:   +966 505 275 396



·      Full Professor faculty of sicense King Saud University 2010

·      Associate Professor faculty of sicense King Saud University     2004

·      Ph.D Theoretical Physics: faculty of sciense Prince Nora bnt Abdulrahman University (1991)

"Solution of Transport Theory Problems In non-homogeneous Media "

·      M.Sc. Theoretical Physics:faculty of sciense Prince Nora bnt Abdulrahman University(1986)

"Studying Radiative Transfer Problems"

·      B.Sc. (Hons) Physics, faculty of sciense Prince Nora bnt abdulrahman University (1982)


Awatif Hindi:

college of science:

physics department:

Research interest

·  Synthesis of Nanomaterials

·  Characterisation of Nanomaterials

·  Magenetic Nanomaterials   

·  Polymer Matrix Nanocomposites

·  Metal Matrix Nanocomposites

·  Ceramic Matrix Nanocomposites

·  Bionanocomposites

·  Interphases/Interfaces in Nanomaterials

·  Crystallisation Behaviour

·  Optical Properties of Nanomaterials

·  Electrical Properties of Nanomaterials

·  Rheology of Nanomaterials

·  Self assembled Nanosystems

·  Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Nanomaterials

·  Processing of Nanocomposites/Micromoulding

·  Applications of Nanomaterials

·  Modelling and Simulation

Social, Ethical and Environmental issues of Nanomaterials


Academic Appointments:

·        Full Professor,Nano technology,2010.

·        Associate Professor, Theoritical Physics and Nano technology, Department of Physics, King Saud University , Riyadh, KSA (2004)

·        Assistant Professor, Nuclear Physics, Department of Physics, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA (1994)

·        Assistant Professor, Nuclear Physics, Department of Physics ,Om Al-Qura University, Mecca, KSA (1993)

·        Lecturer, Nuclear physics, Faculty of Science, Noura University, Riyadh (1986)


Faculty Appointments:


·        Physics Department, Vice Head, Faculty of Science, King Saud University

(2007 to 10- 2009).

·        Physics Department, Vice Head, Faculty of Science, King Saud University


·        Head of the Academic Affairs Committee - Faculty of Science, King

Saud University (2000- to this date).


- Getting the Research Excellence Award of the first Excellence Faculty of Science, King Saud University, .2012
2 - get the Award for Excellence in Teaching at the Faculty of Science - Award Director - King Saud University.
3 - Third Prize of the Federation of Universities of the Islamic World Organization of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - ISESCO - for the development of university research for the year 2010 the field of Scientific Research and Technology Transfer in the Muslim world - nanotechnology.
4 - Pasture Award of Scientific Innovation in Physics for the ninth year in 1430 AH / 2009 AD in the field of physics





1- Receiving the Research Excellence Award on the first Excellence day of the Faculty of Science,

 King Saud University, .2012

 2 – “Excellence in Teaching Award” received  at the Faculty of Science - Award Director - King Saud University.

 3 - Third Prize for the Islamic World Federation of Universities of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - ISESCO – for the university’s research development for the year 2010.Scientific Research and Technology Transfer in the Muslim world – nanotechnology field.

 4 of Scientific Innovation - Award in Physics for the ninth year in 1430 AH / 2009 AD in the field of physics.




·        Supervisor of Ms.C."The Impact Of Gold And Silver Nanoparticles On Bacteria Invading The Blood Stream", KSU, 2010.

·        Supervised the Patent of Aseel Al Wabel ' Safety against theft', King Saud University (2008)

·        US Patent, Treatmet of Marble Waste using Nanotechnology to Produce Innovatice Artificial Marble'

·        Supervisor of Ms.C."Photon Dose Calculation in the Treatment Planning System (Eclipse) and its Applications in Cancer Patients Treatment Planning", K.F.S.H.R.C., 2006.

·         Supervisor of Ms.C."Calculate the relation between the  electron energy and the distance inside the water by using Monte Carlo Method ",K.F.S.H.R.C,2000.  


Member of the Panel Committee for the following graduate awards:


·        Ph.D. discussion: ‘ On The Theory of Wave –Plasma Interaction", Prince Noura University,2007.                                                             

·        Ph.D. discussion "Approximate method for solving relativity and classical problems for positive functions”  King Saud University, 2006.

·        Ph.D. discussion "Analyzed laser to induce fluorescence luminous for atoms" Kacst-KSA,2004.

·        Ph.D. discussion "Observation of the artificial contamination by Laser"K.F.P.M.-KSA ,2004.

·        MSc discussion" Studying elastic scattering for medium and high nuclei",K.A.U.-KSA,2003.

·        MSc. discussion" Accumulating and nuclear Properties by using symmetric boundaries' Bosons current model ",K.A.U.-KSA,2003.

·        MSc. discussion" Using E.G.S. for polarized fluorescent X-ray to measure Platinum intensity in human bodies" K.S.U.,2003.

·        MSc. discussion "Calculate the energy of light  Hybronic nucleus ", King Abdul Aziz university-KSA,2002.


List of Publications:


T. Hayat a,b, ⇑, R. Sajjad a , Z. Abbas c , M. Sajid d , Awatif A. Hendi ,  "Radiation effects on MHD flow of Maxwell fluid in a channel with porous medium",xxx 2010 xxx–xxx

Impact Factor: 2.52


-A.Hendi"Silver Nanoparticles Mediate Differential Responses in Some of Liver and Kidney Functions During Skin Wound Healing"Journal of King Saud University (Science),Elseveir,Saudi Arabia,2010,Accepted for Publications.


-Awatif A. Hendi &Essam M. Abulwafa"The Study for Transient Neutron Transport With Pomraning- Eddington Approximation"International Journal of Engineering &Technology, IJET/IJENS,Pakistan , 2010,vol:No:03.

ISSN: 2077-1185

-A. Hendi"The Extended Tanh Method and Its Applications for Solving                 Nonlinear Physical Models" International Journal of Research and Reviews    in Applied Sciences,IJRRAS,Pakistan,2010,V(3),No(1).                                                                    

-El-Bashir, S.M. & Hendi A.A."A Decorative  Construction Material       Prepared  by making Use of  Marble Waste Granules and PMMA/SiO2  Nanocomposites"; Polymer Plastics Technology and Engineering ; Philadelphia,2010,49,pp.1-5.                                                                     ISSN 0360-2559 (Print), ISSN:15256111 (Online),Impact factor:0.510.

-A. Hendi "New Exact Travelling Wave Solutions for Some Nonlinear Evolution Equations" International Journal of Nonlinear Science, England, UK,2009 , Vol.7, No.3,pp.259-267.

ISSN1749-3889(print),1749-3897(online) .


-Samah El-Bashir, Awatif Hendi , Omar Al Dossary," Preparation of Crystalline Gold Nanoparticles and their Prospects in Enhancement of Solar Energy Conversion Efficiency"Journal of Materials Science and Engineering,USA,2010,Vol.4,No.1(No.26),22-29.                            ISSN1934-8959. 


-El Wakil S.A, Abdou M.A-, Hendi  A.A,''New Periodic And Soliton Solutions of  Non Linear Evolution Equations'',Applied Mathematics and Computation J,Elseveir,Science Direct,The Netherlands, Holland ,2008 ,197,pp.497-506.                                                                                        ISSN: 0096-3003,  Impact Factor: 1.124.        


-El Wakil S.A, Abdou M.A-, Hendi  A.A. '' New Periodic Wave Solutions Via Exp-Function Method''physics letters A, Elseveir,Science Direct,The Netherlands,  Holland,2008,  372,pp. 830–840.

     ISSN: 0375-9601; Impact factor:2.174.


-Awatif Hendi  ,Jolian  Henn, and Ulf  Leonhardt ''Ambiguities In The Scattering Tomography For Central Potentials ''The American Physical Society, Physical Review Letters,USA, 2006 , vol. 97,073902,pp. 1-4  . ISSN: 0031-9007;Impact Factor: 7.18  .

-A.A.Hendi''Propagation of Electron – Acostic Radiation in A Relativistic Electron-Beam Plasma System''Arab Journal of Nuclear Sciences and Applications,Egypt, 2006,vol.40,pp.40.                                           ISSN1110-0451.

-Attia M. T., Sallah M.  and Hendi A.A,Time-Dependent     Radiative Transfer In Finite Slab Media Using Galerkin  Technique, 6th Nuclear And Particle Physics International     conference;(NUPPAC’07) Egyptian atomic Energy Authority-Luxor,Egypt (17-21) November ,(2007).


-Sallah M. and Hendi  A.A , “ Neutron Transport In  Finite Random Media  With Pure- Triplet Scattering” 6th Nuclear And Particle Physics International conference; (NUPPAC’07) Egyptian atomic Energy Authority-Luxor,Egypt (17-21) November ,(2007).

 - Saad, E.A., Hendi, A.A. , Elwakil, S.A. and Atia, M.T., " Particle Transfer in Multiregions”, Journal Astrophysics and Space Science, Belgium , 96:233-239 (1983).


-Saad, E.A., Hendi A. A. " Pade Approximant Calculations for neutron  Escape Probability" ,Journal of Physics, D: Applied Physics, UK, ,vol   , 18:765-771.(1985).


-Saad, E.A., Hendi, A. A. "Radiation Transfer by a Finite – Emitting        Inhomogeneous Medium", Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, D :Applied Physics, USA, vol 34(1): 65-73 (1985).


-Saad, E.A., Hendi, A.A. "Radiation Transfer for an inhomogeneous Half –Space With an Internal Source " Journal of Physics, D:Applied Physics, Astrobhysics and Space Science, Belgium, vol 100:381-389 (1984).


-Saad,E.A., Hendi, A. A. " Particle Transfer in Declerating Regions" Journal of Physics, D:Applied Physics,  Astrophysics and Space Science, Belgium vol 83:110-119 (1984).


-Saad, E. A., Hendi, A. A. " The Energy Albedo for a Finite Slab" Journal of Physics, D Applied Physics, UK, vol 15:949-959 (1982) .

            20-Ahmed M. Outif  , Awatif A. Hendi  , Abdulaziz A. Al-Diham    

           and  Safar S. Al-Ghamdi "Bone Mineral Density –What Normative 

           Data Should We Use To Report Saudi Female Patients? '' Saudi

           Medical Journal , Saudi Arabia , 2004,vol.25(8),pp.1040-1045 .                                                                         

           ISSN: 0379-5284, Impact factor: 0. 3, SSN1934-8959. 


-Elghazaly A. & Hendi A. A., " Particle Transfer Problem for In homogeneous Finite Medium with Generalized Boundary Condition", The Egyptian Society of Nuclear Sciences & Applications, Arab Journal of Nuclear Sciences and Applications , Egypt, ,vol.37:187-196 (2004)

- Hendi, A. A. , A. Elghazaly, "The Solution of the Neutron Transport Equation in a Slab with An isotropic Scattering" , State University of NY, Marine Sciences Research Centre , Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer,  USA, ,vol 84 :339-347 (2004)

-Hendi, A. A. , AbulWafa, E. M.," Heat transfer in a spherical turbid medium with conduction and radiation, ", State University of NY, Marine Sciences Research Centre, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer,  USA , Vol 75:647-659 (2002)

- Hendi, A. A. "Radiation Transfer For a Homogeneous Half- Space With an Internal Source" ,State University of NY, Marine Sciences Research Centre, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer, USA, Vol 74:389-394, (2001)

-Hendi, A. A. , Abo-Sulyman, "On Some Classes Of Analytic Function", King Saud University, Saudi Association for Mathematical Sciences- Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences, King Saudi Arabia , Vol. 3:53-62.  (1997)

-  Hendi, A. A. "Properties of Certain Analytic Functions", Punjab university-journal of Mathematics, Pakistan, vol. xxix :27-35. (1996) .

Scientific Communication

·       I spent one year in St-AndrewsUniversity,UK,2006.

·       I spent 2 months in National University of Singapore ”Nano Science and Nanotechnology Initiative”2008.

·       I spent 2 weeks in National Chemical Laboratory “Synthesis Nanoparticles for Gold and Silver”2008.

·       I spent 2 months in National Centre of NanoScience And Technology Of China“Application of Nanoparticles on Biomedical and Cell Culture””NCNST”,2009.


Conferences and Symposiums:

·        University La Sapienza,Italy –Roma”X International Conference On Nanostructered Materials NANO2010”September13-17 ,2010.

·        MawhebaNajran,Najran,participate,2010.

·        St-Andrews,UK,17th Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics,participate,2010.

·        KAUST's inauguration on September 23, 2009.

·        KAUST ,Women in Science & Engineering(Exploring Challenges & Opportunities in Saudi Arabia) September 24, 2009.


·        KAUST Inauguration Symposium :Session I,SUSTAINABILITY IN A CHANGING CLIMATE,September 24, 2009.

·        KAUST Inauguration Symposium :Session II: Food and Water in a Changing Climate; September 24, 2009.

·        Occubators,KSU,Riyadh,SA,2009.

·        Saudi universities and there needs for publishers, KSU,Riyadh,SA,2009..

·        What can we do with laser frequency combs,MPQ&KSU,Noble prize winners in physics(Theodore Hunch), KSU,Riyadh, KSU,Riyadh,SA,2009.

·        publishing in nature science facts and fictions, philip Campbell,the editor of Nature, KSU,Riyadh,SA,2009.

·        Valued the incubators projects, Riyadh Technology Incubation Centre, KSU,Riyadh,SA,2009..

·        The importance points in learning mathematics and science plus sign Al Obaikan chairman, KSU,Riyadh,SA,2009.

·        Progressing academicals programs for accreditation,KSU, KSU,Riyadh, KSU,Riyadh,SA,2009..

·        Strategical plan for the leaders, KSU,Riyadh,SA,2009.

·        The uses of ionic radiations and the protection from them, KSU, Riyadh,SA,2009.

·        Active learning,KSU,Riyadh,SA,2009.

·         Team Based Learning,by Larry Lary Micheltsn ,KSU,Riyadh,SA,2009.

·        Reverse bioengineering and its role in nanotechnology, Call for patent registration, KSU,Riyadh,SA,2009.

·        ”Frontiers of Degenerate Quantum gases”, KSU,Riyadh,SA,2008.

·        International Conference Hydrogen &Hydrogen Srorage Methods& Materials ,”Indian Institute of Science ”,Bangalore ,2008.

·        6SRMS”6th International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation in Materials Science”,NUS,2008.

·        Dynamics Days Asia-Pacific,IDDAP5I,The 5th International conference on Nanomaterial &Nanotechnology Initiative”,Japan,2008.

·        The  work shop in "NUS, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering college" ,supervised by Professor  Venky  Venkatesan, at 7 august,2008  about:-

·        1- advanced nanomaterials

·        2-Photonics and Plasmatic

·        3-Spintronics and Electronics

·        4-Limits of Nano structuring

·        5-Nanosensor

·        6-Nano Biomaterials and Drug delivery

·        7-Presentations by industry

·         All of this workshop about Nano material and Nano technology and

      its applications in industrial area             

·        IMRE Seminar on “Analysis of Self-Assembly of Advanced Biomembrane Mimics and a Novel Nanoparticle Functionalization Platform for in vivo Application of Targeted Magnetic Resonance Imaging”,5 September,2008.

·        Seminar“VIP Atom Technology (Phase 2)” 2 September 08 , Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) A*, National University of Singapore(NUS),Singapore.

·        Seminar“The Art of Making Thin Films by Wafer Bonding: From Si, III-V’s to Graphene”, 13 Aug 08 ,Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) A*, National University of Singapore(NUS),Singapore.

·        Work shop“The Frontiers Of Nano-Science & Nano Technology ”, 7th August 2008 ,Faculty of Engineering ,National University of Singapore(NUS),Singapore.

·        IMRE Seminar Series on “Actuators and Sensors for High Density Hard Disk Drives”, 20 Aug 08,Institute of Material research and Engineering (IMRE) National University in Singapore.

·        IMRE Seminar on “Synthesis of Nanostructure Materials by Design” , Institute of Material research and Engineering (IMRE) ; 21 Aug.2008.

·        Seminar “Carbon Electronics :will Carbon replace Silicon”,21 August 2008,Physics Department, National University of Singapore

·        Seminar”VIP Atom Technology(Phase )”,IMRE,NUS,2008.

·        International Establishment Workshop For the Excellence science & Mathematics Education Centre,Developing Science &Mathematics Education Vision &International Partnership, KSU, KSA (2008)

·        King Faisal International Prize Science Symposium, KACST, KSA (2008)

·        Fourth International Conference for Development and the environment, F.I.C.D.E., KSU, KSA (2008).

·        Workshop at the Riyadh Innovation Centre, KSU, KSA (2008)

·        2nd work shop on accreditation, KSU, KSA (2007)

·        Nano research at Universities : The Road Toward Fulfilling the Vision of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, KSU, KSA (2007)

·        " Introduction To Nanofluidics", Miramare, Treiste,Italy (2007)

·        " Partial Differential Equations in Modern Mathematical  Physics and applied Mathematics ,King Abdul-Aziz City for  Science and Technology, KSA (2007)

·        "Material Science: Silicon ,Properties and Applications" Kacst, KSA (2007)

·        " Mathematical Methods in Dynamics"Kacst, KSA (2007)

·        "Partial Differential Equations in Modern Mathematical Physics and applied  Mathematics" ,Kacst, KSA (2007)

·        " Quantum Information Processing "Kacst, KSA (2007)

·        Second Arab conference of Biophysics and mathematical Modelling, Egypt, (2007)

·           Computation and Modeling Methods and Applications,Kacst, KSA (2007)

·        Ninth Rochester conference on coherence and quantum optics (CQO9) of the   international conference on quantum information (ICQI) university Rochester  campus, Rochester, New York ,U.S.A, (2007)

·        Gulf Mathematica Conference,United Arab Emirates University, UAE (2007).

·        Nanotechnology - Products and Processes for Environmental Benefit ,The Royal  Society, London, UK (2007)

·        Bioinspired Nanotechnologies for Smarter Products,  Society of Chemical Industry,   London, UK (2007)

·        Training for Nanotech: E-learning, continuing education,University of Oxford  (2007)

·        South Carolina Citizen's School of Nanotechnology (SCCSN) USA (2006)    "Quantum Optics", Germany , (2006).

·         'Nanoparticles for European Industry -  Manufacture, Scale-Up, Stabilization,   Characterization and Toxicology' , Olympia Conference Centre, London     (2006).

·        Nanotechnology: Education and Training for the Future, KSU, KSA (2005)

·        "Artificial Black Holes Experiment " France, (2005)

·        "The Risk of Genetic Cancer" King Faisal Specialist And  Research Centre (2004)

·        What we want from the society and what the society wants from the educated   people (2003)

·        Work shop" What are the benefits from treating by rays", K.F.S.H.R.C  (2002)

·        The " Bells Labs 2001" Riyadh, KSA (2001)

·        Workshop "Chest Imaging ",K.F.S.H.R.C.(2001)

·        Program for the progress of Science, Mathematics and echnology in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh (2000)

·        Attended "The First Islamic Conference For Ministers of Higher Education and Science, Riyadh KACST, (1997)




·        the physics department meeting,2009.

·        the Science college meeting,2009.

·        KSU Committee the Nobel Laureates Meetings in Lindau, Germany

·        King Abdullah Institute Committee For Nano Technology

·        Nanotechnology unit Committee, KSU ,2007.

·        Higher education Committee ,Physics Department, KSU 2006.

·        Member in the "Physics Today Journal",U.S.A.,2005.

·        Member in the " American Association of Physics Teachers Journal"U.S.A., 2005.

·        Committee for protecting the environment,K.S.U.,2004.

·        Committee for periodicals and journals, Physics Department, KSU 2004.

·        Committee to prepare a film for the work done in the College of Science/Female Section with the donations of Her Highness Princess Jawhara (2002).

·        Committee to promote students with outstanding skills (2001-until now).

·        Committee for investigating academic misdemeanor of students in the Arts College K.S.U. (1996-2001).

·        Committee for ” the Replacement of Expatriates by Saudis” in science ,K.S.U.,2000.

·        Health and Safety Committee, College of science, Female Section, ,1999,King Saud  University.

·        Committee for the selection of demonstrators in Science, K.S.U. (1996-1999)

·         Committee for judging the research work of the member staff  in Research Centre-K.S.U. (1995-1998).




Teaching in other universities:


·        Teaching an intensive course in National University of Singapore,2008.

·        Teaching courses in Al- Yam amah College,2008.

·        Teaching courses in St-Andrews University,2006.

·        Teaching courses in Prince Sultan University2002-2005.

·        Teaching  courses in the Open Arabic University,2004.

·        Teaching courses in Um-Al-Qura,1999.




Sabbatical Leave

             Sabbatical leave in St-Andrews University, St-Andrews, U.K., 2006.


Teaching and Training:

1-I gave a lecture about Mathematica ,Research Centre,K.S.U.2008.

2- I gave training how to do  programs by using MAthematica,Physica ,K.S.U. for 2 weeks-2009.

3- I gave a lecture about “The Nanoparticles from Synthesis to Medical Applications”University of Noura Bint Abdulrahman.




Teaching Responsibilities:


Undergraduate Courses:

General Physics(101phys,102phys,106phys)

Linear Algebra (201 phys)

Complex Variable(302 phys)

Research Project(498 phys)

Nuclear Physics(481 phys)

Reactor Physics(487 phys)

 Thermodynamics(241 phys)

 Optics (232)

Reactor Physics (487)

 Nuclear Physics Lab (497 phys)








Graduate Courses


Mathematical Physics (501 phys)

Mathematical Physics (502 phys)

Information Analysis (503 phys)

Statistical Mechanics (540 phys)

Nuclear Physics Technology(582)

Selective Subject  (690)

Quantum Field theory(555)




My name had been taken among the best in:


1-Who's Who in the World

Marquis Who's Who

25th Edition, 2008



2- Who's Who in the World

Marquis Who's Who

24th Edition, 2007



3- Who's Who in the World

Marquis Who's Who

23rd Edition, 2006-U.S.A























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