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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة






Name:              Dr. Latifa Salih Mohammed AL SEMAIRI


Nationality:     Saudi


Present Post:   Associate Professor, Curricula &the Methodology of

                          Teaching, College of Education, KSU.

                          Director of College of Education.




1394             B. A. Women College of Ed. ; Educational Psychology

                           Honors Degree; Makkah Al Mukkarama.

1396                               M. Ed. Curricula and Methodology of Teaching;

Makkah College of Ed.; Honors Degree.

1413                               Ph.D. The Learning Technology; Honors Degree;

Makkah College of Ed.




I  The Ministry of Education:


    1390 – 1395     Teacher; Girls Inspectorate of Ed.


II   University of Om Al Qura


     1395 -              Teaching Assistant.


      1396 -             Lecturer.


      1395 – 1400    General Tutor of Admission, Registration Section.


      1400 – 1404    Assistant Director Curricula Section.


      1404 – 1406    Director College of Education.


      1413 -              Post Graduate Students’ Tutor of Academic


      1414 – 1416    Dean, Girls University Studies.


III   King Saud University – KSU.


1416 -               Transfer to KSU.

                          Associate Professor, College of Ed.


1423 – 1424      Director, Curricula & Teaching Section.


1424 – To date…   Director College of Education.




1416 – To date…. Member and Head of Women Branch, The Saudi

                              Society for Educational and Psychological Sciences

                               Known as (JSTN).

                              Member of JSTN.

1997 – To date….Member of The Egyptian Society for Curricula and

                             Methodology of Teaching.


2005 -                   Member of the Computers’ society.




A-        Books:


1-         Patterns of Curricula Structures, 1418.

2-         Globalization and Curricula, 1426.


B-        Published Research Papers:


(More than 12 published papers, the list shows samples).


1-        The Effect of Educational Conferences for Teacher Ed.

On Developing Professional Knowledge of Teaching Staff Members at the College of Ed. , Om Al Qurra University, Makkah Al Mukarramah.


2-        The Effect of Using Cooperative Learning Strategy on

Developing the Social Skills of Students in the College of Ed., KSU, Riyadh.


3-        Correlation Between the Educational Objectives and

Psychology Course Goals for High School Psychology

Course in Saudi Arabia.

4-        Content Analysis of Social Studies Text Books in

Singapore according to Social and Philosophic



5-        The Effectiveness of a Suggested Model for Teaching

Thinking in the Development of Organizing Information Skills among Female Students Enrolled at the College of Ed. , KSU.




  • Attended a number of Educational and Scientific Venues.


  • Discussion Examinations of Academic works.


  • Participated in the First Saudi Women Intellectual Exhibition


Other Academic Activities:


1991 -1994     Students’ Academic Guidance at Post Graduate Level.


1994 – To date….Member of Post Graduates Committee.


1994 – To date….Member of Committee for the Admission of Post

                              Graduate Applicants.


** Supervisor to a number of M.A. and Ph.D. Theses.


** Member of Board for the Discussion of various theses.

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