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AgEc 201 Principles of Agricultural Economics

Characteristics of Agricultural Sector, the Concepts of Demand and Supply for Agricultural Products, Consumption and Production Theories, Production Costs, and Introduction to Major Areas of Agricultural Economics. 

AgEc 326 Agricultural Data Analysis

Type of data- methods of data collection- samples- statistical estimation and hypotheses testing- methodology of research in econometrics- regression and coloration- time series analysis- index numbers- forecasting  

AgEc 401 Field Training (Agri. Economics or Marketing)
Supervised programmed visits to private and public agricultural institution and projects to expose the students to real life job in the approach of Agricultural Economics or Marketig.

AgEc 404 Seminar in Research Methodology

The academic bases for research methods used in agricultural economics research procedures including problem formulation, objectives, tools, techniques, data collection, and results.

AgEc 423 Economics of Environmental Tourism

Identify Ecotourism and its importance, public goods and its characteristics , including the economic value estimation techniques such as Travel Cost Method (TCM). Applying the economic rules for using public resources by eco-tourism activities. Economice value of ecotourism, demand for visiting different sites , consumer surplus, and willingness to pay are used for sustainable development public resources, and forecasting.



AGEC 512 Advanced Agricultural Statistics (3 credit – hours)(2+1)

Joint Probability Distribution- Linear Models- Topics in Regression Analysis- time series Analysis- Nonparametric Methods- Introduction in sampling .


AGEC 590 Special Studies (Agricultural Economics ) (1 credit – hours)(0+1)

A specific topic may be selected by the student under the supervision of a staff members in the department or the student may take another course covering certain economic topics related to his area of specialization and interest.


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